The Eye of The Sunwatchers
and a small adventure

During today’s session The Night Guard successfully passed Dromar’s Trials.

Alfo proved himself to be Selfless.

Val proved himself cunning.
Tam proved himself brave.
Pateirn proved himself patient.

After returning to Elder Vale, the Heroes discovered what they were transporting: a powerful magical gem, the Eye of the Sun Watchers. After some cryptic explanations from Tam, the group decided to carry forth the Gem to its destination.

While camping, in the middle of the night the heroes were ambushed by a group of Orcish raiders. After awakening battered and bruised, the heroes found themselves within a cave, held captive by orcs.

They freed themselves from their bonds, defeating their captors.

Wrapping Up Heroes' Day
Trial of Insight, Trial of Creativity, THE GRAND MELEE

Today The Night Guard Finished 1st in the Heroes’ Day events.

Having passed the three trials with flying colors, the Heroes competed against other teams in the Grand Melee. In a crushing victory, the Night Guard inflicted 8 casualties, and and received none themselves, although it was close for Tam.

They received 125 gold apiece.

They each were gifted a magic item by The Heroes’ Guild.

Tam received a Staff of Swarming Insects. He chose the Fate of Wandering.

Val received a Chameleon Cloak. He chose the Fate of Inspiration.

Alfo received an Arrow-Catching Shield. He chose the Fate of Reaping.

Pateirn received a Crystal Ball. He Chose the Fate of Lore.

Heroes' Day
Sponsors and the Trial of Balance

Today marks the formation of the group The Night Guard.

Its members are:





They passed the Trial of Balance with ease.

Heroes' Day!
Gather o'powerful Adventurers

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