Valerian Redywne

Highst stat: Charisma, weapons of choice: Rapier, bardic magic, instruments: Irish harp, fiddle, hand drum


Straight-up profile:
Age: 38
Height: 5’11"
Hair: Dark brown/black, swept back.
Skin: Pale, a few scars here and there.
Eyes: Amber.
Features: Somewhat lordly, but he makes it seem nice. His nose was broken a while back when Celeste punched him.
Body: Slim, lithe, elegant.
Clothes: His armor is legendary red-and-black dragonskin and mageweave, the armor he wore in the fight with the void dragon, the armor he wore when he defended Ashewood Redoubt during its siege by Flourish. He wears that when out and about, or a splendid outfit of his estate colors, red and gold.

Valerian Redwyne stands at a magnificent 5’11", though his demeanor makes him seem taller. His hair is a dark brown, almost black, and is usually swept back. Through it on the left side runs a shock of gray.

He and his cousin Tam share the same amber eyes, a trait inherited from their family as a whole. Val’s face has almost noble features- a straight nose broken once, high cheekbones and a narrowed chin. His expression rests in perpetual surprise or amusement- his eyebrows are almost always raised, though not to the extent where it would form lines. Somehow, he has also managed to avoid getting any scars or permanent marks on his face, arms, and hands. He is clean-shaven and usually looks like he is about to smile. When he speaks, he often makes large, dramatic gestures with his hands, emphasizing his point with his body language. Without his charm and pleasant demeanor, however, he would look vaguely vampiric and frightening.

Overall, Val’s form is slender. He has thin wrists and slim fingers, good for playing the many musical instruments he owns. He tries to keep his nails trimmed in an effort to look as good as he can- one’s appearance is very important.
He usually wears his armor when traveling, or a set of finery in his estate colors. He almost always carries his rapiers, mostly for show. Rarely does he need them.
He is never seen without his Ioun stone and his silver harp.


Valerian Redwyne, of the Redwyne merchant family out of Pabshaw. Val is the third child of six, the second son of the family, and in direct inheritance of the family business. With his younger twin brothers and sister taking up his mother’s attention and his father being concerned with training him and his elder brother, Val felt that at home no one had time to actually consider anything he ever had to say. He often found himself stepping into the shadows of his brother, Danial, and trying to avoid the lessons where Danial would consistently one-up him and scorn him for not learning. He might have become one who walks in the shadows save for the fact that part of him will never concede to being put aside again.

He could not gain what he desired from his family- he would always be relegated to the second son, the negotiator, never given credit and never getting priority. This, Val decided, would not be his path in life.
At the age of seventeen, Val began to formulate a plan. He crafted a correspondence from an imaginary merchant in New Crest. Through a series of carefully worded letters, he managed to convince his parents that this merchant wanted him to apprentice under him away in New Crest. His parents, eager to have Val- who was beginning to make trouble and show signs of turning away from the family business- turn his interests back towards mercantile pursuits, agreed to apprentice him and sent him off to New Crest with a significant sum of money as payment to this merchant.

Perhaps if they had looked closer, they would have found the flaws in Val’s letters that proved that this was fake. But they did not. Val took the apprenticeship money and applied to the College of Song and Dance, training as a bard for two years. Unfortunately, an apprenticeship is far cheaper than a college education, and Val realized he would have to leave at the end of his second year, unable to pay for a third. He still had some gold left, and used that to wander aimlessly around the country- he was not keen on returning to Pabshaw and facing his family who, by this time, had realized that something was wrong. So why go back? He did not.

Facing the world alone is not an attractive prospect in anyone’s case. It was even less so for Val, who had grown up in a large family and at the College had been surrounded by friends. To wander alone? Though he had grown very used to organizing his life on his own, he did not wish to be alone. It was acceptable, but not for long.

He couldn’t go back to Pabshaw unless he wanted to face undying shame for his choices and be forced back into the trade business. And while these thoughts were running through his mind as he sat in a tavern one night, a letter arrived for him telling him of a contest in New Crest. Val, recently turned twenty-one years of age, realized that he wanted to go to this contest, though not alone. But he couldn’t simply grab a stranger and take them with him.

However, a family member was not out of the question…
Val recalled that one of his cousins had left the family years ago and sought refuge in Sindaleth. This was his only lead- and he took it, traveling there and seeking out his cousin Tamerlane, a druid who had forsaken his family in favor of a hermitage in the woods. Tam unfortunately had no defense against Val’s insistence that he accompany him, and thus was dragged out of his mostly peaceful existence to accompany his gregarious cousin.
And thus the two found themselves in the Grinning Goblin, where they signed their names into a thick, musty tome…

Valerian received a letter from Olivia Forde during the end of his year training with the Heroes’ Guild. He became more withdrawn after its arrival, as it told him that his father’s debt was now his through no unfortunate circumstance, only a casual shunting of onus. As he was not used to working to organize his life events with other people, he did not seek assistance from his party, and was only forced to share this burden with them when confronted with it in the Underdark.
He is now aware that he must respond to Olivia and attempt to work out some kind of deal, and is formulating the best plan for that.

Baron Valerian Redwyne of Tila Estate, the first of his name, has ascended to the ranks of legend after the Night Guard defeated the avatar of the god of death itself that attempted to manifest on the Material Plane in a desperate ploy to imprint itself on the memory of the world. He and the Night Guard are directly responsible for the destruction of the Weave of Fate and the loss of fate power in the Heroes of the world, and it was this destruction that allowed them to defeat the void dragon. Valerian was nearly lost in the Limbo, but managed to survive long enough – in relative comfort, strangely – for his cousin to recover him.

Now, he runs Tila Estate, busily managing it and its people and crafting a pointlessly complicated dungeon for entertainment and training purposes – younger Heroes from the Guild sometimes come to test their mettle against his traps and tricks, and occasionally will battle him, if he feels like they really need a test. Travel between Tila and Greycastle is at an all-time high with the alliance of the two houses via the marriage of Valerian to Dragomir Greycastle, brother of the Empress and Prince of Greycastle – a ceremony that was, of course, overseen by Klauk Bauman, fellow member of the Night Guard and the greatest cleric of Lliira ever to walk the face of Mythweald.

Over the last decade Val has been a voice of reason and a splendid ambassador. He is not above occasionally causing some good-natured chaos amongst his friends and people, but spends his time assisting with the rebuilding efforts that even now are still taking place across the continent and – shockingly – teaching at the very college in New Crest he dropped out of. Currently, he is housing refugees who have fled from the collapse of Manuya Teoshi’s empire in Oscus.

Valerian Redywne

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