Tamerlane ("Tam") Redwyne

Highest stat: Wisdom, weapons of choice: swarm creatures


Age: 24?
Height: 5’9.5"
Hair: almost shoulder length, messy, fluffy, blond-ish. Various bits of nature are tangled in at any given time.
Eyes: Amber brown. Might even seem warm if he didn’t tend to stare creepily.
Features: Caught halfway between noble and commoner. Not noble, but if you look, you can tell he’s not a peasant. His skin is tanned and roughened from the outdoors. His hands are calloused and covered in many, many small scars from insect bites and plant wounds.
Body: He lurks. It’s hard to tell under his cloak.
Clothing: Outdoors clothes. Over everything, he wears a vast, rough cloak with many folds, in which hide bugs and other friends.

His habit of lurking in the background can diminish his height and make him seem smaller – or bigger, depending on how he’s lurking. He can loom if he needs to.

Personality: Can seem older than he is. Dislikes children, crowds, noise. Likes caves, deep forests/trees, coastal forests, storms. Not effusive. Prefers being in Wild Shape to human form, even sleeping in wild shape when possible. Feels most at home when traveling. Highly curious about the world. Compelled to take detailed notes/drawings/sketches of what he discovers in his travels. Standing with Shar. Favorite season is high summer, least favorite early winter. Somewhat crepuscular. Indecisive, gullible, egotistical, dramatic, a little bloodthirsty.
Tam’s eidetic memory, combined with propensity for receiving visions, means that he often re-dreams visions and past experiences repeatedly.
Never wanted any of this hero-ing business, but knowing his fated path, will do anything to walk it to the end.


Tamerlane Redwyne is a member of the Redwyne merchant family, though he never took an interest in the family trade.

He left home in his late teens to seek out a more peaceful and fulfilling life outside his hometown – he was allowed to leave by the Redwyne family, as he is not a member of the central family and did not have expectations placed upon him to take up the family mantle later in life.
Tam is a druid.

He prefers not to meddle in the affairs of other people and thinks that those that do are playing with Fate, something powerful they do not understand. He himself is a strong believer in fate and the destined pathways of people. This is one of the reasons he does not like Val- he believes that Val abandoned his own destiny and is not following his appointed path of fate.


After adventuring for a time with Val and the Night Guard, Tam’s opinions begin to change. He understands that his fate is bound to that of his adventuring group – for better or for worse. He knows that Val did not find him by chance alone, nor did the rest of the party, and that they have far greater tasks to face together in their future. Tam no longer forsakes friendships as frivolous and material possessions as transient. He’s even begun to grow fond of Shadow.

Tam still has difficulties understanding Val’s power to manipulate the Threads of Fate – he believes Fate is something that should be controlled by no person. But as long as this unnatural power is given to his cousin, Tam will watch over him and make sure it is not misused.

Tam believes that his ultimate goal is to help protect and maintain the balance of nature in the world. This involves tasks as small as righting the stem of a crushed flower and as large as risking everything to help mend the threads of Fate…


[in progress]


Tam has always thought he could trust his observations of the world around him, but now it’s starting to confuse and unsettle him. Time doesn’t make sense anymore, and his perception of his place in passing time and space is (to his limited understanding) obviously flawed. After discovering this rift in time, fighting through the nightmare Dreadmire, helping slay his own cousin’s alternate self, and experiencing vision after incomprehensible vision, Tam is feeling something he’s never felt before: homesick. He may be a wanderer at heart, but some part of him wants to return to a world he can understand.

He recognizes this may be difficult, though, after reflecting upon what little he knows of cosmic law. “Mortals have the right to the planes upon which they are born, and any reflections that are in place.” He surmises that mortals also take responsibility of those reflections, and that the Night Guard’s current tasks are their duty alone.

For now, Tam is devoted to the Night Guard’s cause: fulfilling the Stonecape Prophecy in concordance with the visions he recently experienced. He knows that only by doing this will he be able to return to the timeline and world he’s meant to be part of.


After restoring the Maiden of the Woods to her rightful rule, Tam was gifted conviction. The knowledge that his visions are true portents – which show the path to restoring Mythweald to its proper state – has brought Tam courage and inner peace.


Tam’s current goals were centered primarily around restoring balance to the realm and secondarily to return to his home realm. But hearing Oghma’s pronouncement that the Night Guard will likely never return home has left Tam feeling deeply dismayed and upset. He no longer knows where to turn – or what world to try and preserve and restore anymore.

Tamerlane ("Tam") Redwyne

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