Syllariss (Syl) Spellweaver

Cleric and Wizard of Oghma


Tall, and prideful in his looks, Syl takes care of himself and the ramifications are obvious. He is undoubtedly centuries old (as marked by his oddly white hair). He wears decadent gold embroidered red robes when relaxing or at formal events, and a suit of gold dragon scale mail when preparing for combat.


Syl has a long backstory, convoluted by his many realities, dreams, experiences with arcana, and travels. Suffice it to say, he has the interests of Mythweald at heart.

As for now you can know that he grew up in a High Elven city. His father was a Clergymen, and his mother a Druid. He attended education at the Temple of Oghma, where he learned the rites and scholarly ways of Oghma. Upon coming of age, he chose his name based upon three individual names:

Syl= Meaning Sylvan or elf-like.
Lar= Meaning teaches others.
Iss= Gift bearer.

He set forth upon a holy vision granted to him by Oghma. In the end he gained a spell book and was gifted knowledge of spell casting by Oghma. After that he took over the Scriptorium of Oghma.

Now he sponsors The Night Guard in hopes that they will become great heroes.

Syllariss (Syl) Spellweaver

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