Redrick Tramdus

Stalwart, loves debts.


Tall and handsome, Redrick stands apx 6’2" and weighs about 358 with his gear on. Aside from that he is well shaven and groomed.


Redrick attended Oathkeeper Hall as a youth, and by the time he graduated he pledged an Oath of Devotion.

Although he may be brawny, do not underestimate his intelligence. Redrick is quite fond of math, and as a devout worshiper of Waukeen, he is most adept at calculations involving coin. As such he has taken to aiding heroes with outstanding debts, and retrieving them from deadbeat adventurers.

Now the Steward of Tila Estate, Redrick has many duties to Val, whom he swore an Oath of Devotion to.

Redrick Tramdus

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