Klauk Bauman

Highest stat: Wisdom, weapons of choice: Sword of Testing, Laughter


Name- Klauk Bauman
Age- 64
Height- 6’5"
Weight- 155 lbs.
Hair color- White
Hairstyle- Thin, unmanaged fading brown hair, swept behind the ears. A bushy white goatee
Eye color- Dark brown

Clothing - Wears leather, armor, and white. Has impressively durable and worn-looking armor that has seen many surgically sewn patches and mismatched upgrades. He wears a loose and comfortable-looking mantle that seems to shimmer and glitter when it moves. Much to the delight of children, he’ll usually give it a great big flourish up into the air, where it will glint with colors of the rainbow in the sun.

Facial features- A long face likened to an old horse’s muzzle. He has happy wrinkles set in stone on his hardened skin, which make him look like he always grinning.

Body type- Tall and lean. Has exceptional health and strength, seeming to only get stronger with age, even in his retirement

Demeanor/Body language -
His posture is excellent, and in any room he holds an air of dignity and experience, but he is not well-known, being that he rarely talks about himself. Therefore he is hardly ever recognized. He always looked relaxed and happy, making it hard to know when he’s being serious. He respects personal space, and his astute at picking up social cues and adapting his behavior to make others feel comfortable around him. He speaks in a boisterous voice, often commanding attention on matters he finds important.

The matters most important to him are happiness and well-being, and he’ll gladly put everything down to help someone solve a personal issue. While joyous, he is stern about matters of health, insisting everyone keep good habits and air out their worries and concerns.

He likes ripping a good joke, making children laugh, helping those in need, and hearing good stories. He prefers barreling through the obstacles of an adventure, and has conviction in his virtue, making it difficult to dissuade him from being openly honest. On the other hand, he’s good at keeping secrets, and employs tasteful white lies when it seems necessary


Bio- Klauk had a happy childhood, growing up with his parents of decent wealth, his father being a Thane of Osden. He grew up learning knightly virtues and trained to fight with his old man. His mother was a charitable priestess, who campaigned for the sick and defenseless in the city, and gave them shelter and food.

Despite their hopes of him becoming a scholar or a businessman, he decided from a young age that he wanted to be a knight who protected others. At the age of 16 he left to compete in Heroes’ Day, and formed the Crestline Crusaders.

Over the next ten years, he gained prestige and experience. His group was like-minded men and women of the cloth, and they carried out acts of righteousness and justice wherever they went. They went from city to city taking jobs to smite monsters and fix houses. Klauk communed with the Goddess of Joy, who found in him an emissary of happiness.

During all his adventures, he seemed to bring a levity to any situation, and always found a way to make equitable solutions when things seemed at their most impossible. He made enemies into allies, and doused feuds like they were a campfire, ending every conflict with a well-placed feast.

His charm and jovial attitude brought him a deep admirer in one Smisk Faeweaver. Every pass-through of the city of Vale had her catching up to him in time to have a day together, where he would tell her about his travels, and she would tell him made-up stories that always had a funny ending. They fell in love, and Klauk began to make a home in Vale where he would spend all of his downtime. Soon, they got married, and he spent more time in Vale than ever, thinking of putting up his sword for a resteraunt where he could do the same work as his mother.

But it was around this time that a horrible plague began to spread. It was mysterious and sudden, causing people all over Mythweald to fall dead, only to rise again as unholy servant of an evil necromancer. Klauk and the rest of the Crusaders agreed that the threat had to be thwarted, and the necromancer slain. Klauk began training in holy arts, and beseeched his religious patrons to help in his fateful quest.

Little did he know, his fate was that of surviving, against all odds. His plucky determination proved to always be the final determining factor in life or death situations, always scraping by no matter what. At first it became a source of some laughter in the group, but over the years things became more quiet, as members of their family and friends began to be taken away by the plague. It was in these years leading up to the final stand-off where Celeste joined the Crusaders in hopes of becoming more pious to her gods. The last person to die from the plague was Smisk.

In the final all-out battle, the necromancer brought forth Smisk’s reanimated corpse to dissuade Klauk from fighting, and break his spirit. Though he understood that defeating the necromancer would break the plague and save countless lives, he couldn’t bring himself to see her killed twice. He looked away as Celeste brought her down, something that still haunts her today. With his love gone, and the Crusaders quickly falling around him to the necromancer’s great might, he was able to assist Celeste in staying alive long enough for her to deliver the killing blow.

His fate achieved, but his life fractured, he bid his goodbyes to Celeste and went into retirement. He moved back to Osden, unable to find warmth in his new home in Vale. In those next 15 years, he learned to make peace with Smisk’s death, and continue his life of spreading joy to those around him. He took up many personal projects: rallying the city to provide comfort and means of survival to the homeless, putting on puppet plays describing many of Smisk’s comical adventures, keeping the flora of the city kept and healthy, and enriching the community with extravagant events, festivals, and celebrations.

Many know him more for his event planning than they do his adventures these days, and the Crusaders’ victory is a distant memory to most. He had fulfilled his dream to be a hero, and feels immense serenity in knowing he stopped a great tragedy. Still, he sometimes dreams of the life he could have had with Smisk, and all the things he would tell her if she was there. Still, he does not regret the path his fate took him down, and managed to keep a light heart despite himself.

Now at 64, he still lives an active lifestyle. He was personally contacted by high ranking dwarves of Emberhearth, who wanted to enlist the Crusaders to join an important Heros’ Day group: the Night Guard. They explained that a dwarf in the party had evil intentions, and that they wanted to pay for the cooperation of an elite veteran to replace him. Once the gravity of the Night Guard’s mission was explained, Klauk agreed to pick up his sword one last time.

He was overjoyed to be re-united with his companion Celeste. After a short trial, the dwarf Alfo was found guilty, and Klauk and Celeste introduced themselves to the fractured Night Guard.

Klauk Bauman

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