Manuya Teoshi

Highest stat: Charisma, Spell of choice: Fireball


Name- Manuya Teoshi
Age- Can’t remember
Height- 6’4"
Weight- 176
Hair color- Black
Hairstyle- Loose collection of decently combed hair. Falls just below ears.
Eye color- Yellow, Snake eyes.

Clothing - Wears sturdy clothing, currently a leather vest, linen shirt, and simple hosen pants with buckled boots . Has many bits and bobbles of collected jewelry. Golden bracers, circlet with a blazing gem, many different rings and necklaces.

Facial features- Thin nose, ending almost pointed. Ears lie flat against head, corner of eyes are sharp, and lips are thin and pursed. Skin is very smooth, and almost ageless. No emotion is visible.

Body type- Slender, but well defined muscle tone.

Demeanor/Body language - He often appears focused and on point, but has been known to smirk on occasion. His eyes are always transfixed on his quarry, always paying attention to what he deems threats. When he speaks, his forked red tongue sometimes tastes the air on its own, but when he is mindful he can suppress it. His accent is nearly gone, and he enjoys pulling out new ones testing his skill as an actor. He tends to lull people into dealing with him as a youth, which if you know anything about him at all is false. When he shows emotion it embarrasses him. He can stand out in a crowd if he wants to, but his many years of travelling have taught him how to blend in when necessary.

Scars/freckles/moles/etc.- Much of his uncovered body, like hands or face, has reticulated grey and black scales. He has nearly jet black skin, with softer grey around his young facial features.


When I turned 16 I began to exhibit signs of my family’s curse. I became naturally beautiful and powerful. Suddenly I could use magic, and I was becoming far more charismatic. With this came the attention of the higher castes. They nervously began to watch me, for fear of what I could do and what I may become. Soon enough, they confirmed my cursed blood, and exiled me, much like what they had done to my grandmother. As I was being drug from my home, my mother gave me her ring, and while she sobbed, they drug me and beat me unconscious. I woke up far from civilization.

At first I spent my time roaming the land and exploring lost places, both things I’m still interested in. During one of my travels, I saw snow for the first time. I’d never even heard of such a thing! It was wondrous. During this journey I witnessed a caravan fall into a snow drift. After I helped them free their carts, they spoke to me in my native tongue. They taught me how to pray to Oghma, and that should I learn from him, my path would be blessed. Over time I began to know Oghma.

Through his learning, I was able to make my ring into an arcane focus, fixing atop it a jet that I found during my travels. This only furthered the power I had. When I asked Oghma what I should do, he taught me of new ways and places I could help others, so it seemed only fitting that I do it.

I enjoy helping others, not only does it seem like the right thing to do, but I get to make friends. After 20 or 30 winters had passed, nearly all of my friends had passed on. That’s when I met Lavondra. Lavondra was like a second mother to me, and although many years had passed since my childhood, she still cared for me as if I were her own son. She taught me to cook (no more simple food for me only the best here on out), mend my clothing, and most importantly, she helped me conquer my fear of civilization.

Ever since my exile, I avoided the city. I avoided all cities. I even avoided particularly large camps, for fear that I may be banished if they learned about me. Lavondra made me face that fear, and for that I will always be grateful. When Lavondra was in her 50’s the Heroes of the Vale saved Mythweald, and formed the guild. She told me I should join them, and so here I am fighting a red dragon, next thing I know, I’m being told by Oghma you need my help more.

Manuya Teoshi

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