Lord Murdock Misty Mane

Lord of the Faerie Unicorns


Lord Murdock Misty Mane is the leader of the Faerie Unicorns. He appeared due to Wild Magic that is running rampant in the Underdark.

When first summoned Lord Murdock Misty Mane gave the entire group magical equipment, and lead them to defeat Ewlbkhan the Black Dragon.

Although he could not stay on the material plane for long, Murdock imparted some very serious wisdom to the group.

If the world is to have magic, then the connection to the fey must be restored.

Ewlbkhan will not be defeated by Murdock, that is a task The Night Guard must face on their own.

He knows where Otto lives, and Otto knows that Pateirn is seeking his library.

Lord Murdock Misty Mane

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