Celeste Hornraven

Highest stat: Strength. Weapon of choice: Orcfist Sword


Name- Celeste Hornraven
Weight- 185lbs
Hair color-black
Hairstyle- unkempt
Eye color-green

Clothing -Celeste wears only practical clothes, she finds fancy clothes to be quite useless and only wares them when forced too. On a normal day you will find her wearing breaches and a tunic with sensible shoes and a wide hat to keep the sun out of her eyes. When it comes time to fight she wears her plate armor and carries her sword and shield. Her helmet is very comfortable and is a gift from her family.

Facial features-Keen green eyes staring out of a plain face that is lightly scared from many fights. Her nose was broken once and healed a little crooked.

Body type-well muscled and burly

Demeanor/Body language -strong and confident but not intimidating.

Scars/freckles/moles/etc.- scares all over her body from many battles.

Celeste was born to a poor shop keeper in New Crest. Growing up with 4 other siblings she never felt needed in the family shop and she had no knack for dealing with customers. With her family being so poor she knew she would have to make her own way in the world. As soon as she was able she joined the Waring Field training academy in hope of being strong enough to compete in Heroes day. Her training went well. Fighting made sense to Celeste,the complicated world that was personal interaction melted away when she had a sword in her hand. She quickly rose though the training ranks and was soon a top graduate.

Feeling on top of the world after he graduation she immediately went to the next heroes day and won the privilege of being a hero. During Heroes day she was amazed at the diversity of the people present, the verity of styles of fighting. Weather with magic or using the power of nature and the elements. She was most impressed with the Paladins. They were fighters and did fighters things but had the power of the Gods behind them. How was she supposed to compete with someone how had a god backing them? After Heroes day she wanted to try to become a Paladin so she enlisted in the Oathkeeper Hall, a small order of paladins who trained inductees to channel their gods power and serve the realm. Celeste however had no such connection with a god and was rejected because of it. Feeling disappointed and rejected she tried to think of ways she could develop a connection with a god.

A perfect idea feel right into her lap. It just so happend that the Crestline Crusaders were recruiting in the town she was staying in. It seems they needed help in Defeating a Evil Necromancer that was spreading a vile disease that would reanimate its victims after death. What better way the learn to connect with a god then to join one of the most holy order of fighters in crestline? She was overjoyed when their leader Klauk accepted her into their order.

The work was more mundane then she expected and she soon realized that just because these men and women fought with a god on their side didn’t always mean they would win. For once Celeste truly understood what was required of her if she sought such a connection. It meant sacrifice and dedication. Meanwhile the plague was running rampant and one terrible day she learned that her joyful leader’s wife had fallen ill and died. Overwhelmed with grief and rage for her Leader, Celeste swore she would take the vengeance she knew her leader would not.

The final battle was horrible. They slew old allies and friends but the worst by far was near the end of the fight when the warlock brought Klauk’s wife before Celeste and Klauk. It was too much to kill his wife a second time but Celeste had sworn vengeance and nothing could stop her from her goal. She Cut down her leaders wife while he looked away and then when he recovered she fulfilled her vow by bringing the Necromancer down.

After the battle Klauk bid Celeste farewell and moved back to Osden. Celeste just felt empty inside. She thought with her vow completed she would feel closer to a god or something but she just felt sad and broken. Confused and feeling abandoned by the gods she set out and adventured solo for a time. She decided that if the god were going to ignore her she would ignore them. This lead to a time of great personal growth for Celeste. She started looking at situations and decided to fix them not because it would please some god but because it was the right thing to do. Over the next 15 years Celeste learned a great deal about herself. she learned that she didn’t need to prove anything to anyone, that serving people was its own reward and that serving the gods wasn’t the goal it was the journey.

Recently Celeste received a letter from Klauk and she was overjoyed to learn of the Crusaders reinstatement with the Night Guard. After aiding in the trail of the Evil Alfo She and Klauk joined the Night Guard in their Quest.

Celeste Hornraven

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