The Rimespire

Ricsig's Secrets

The Night Guard raced towards the outskirts of town, the clang of alarm bells ringing in their ears. They passed buildings that had been set alight, and saw town citizens preparing their defenses. At the city gate they found an elderly and bearded human in blue robes, flanked by two charging humanoid warriors dressed in furs. A horde of white and silver kobolds advanced toward the gate, led by a dragon-like humanoid snarling orders in Draconic.

Val tried to ask the bearded man what was happening but, he only snapped back – “Can’t you see we’re under attack?!” Val quickly cast a Stinking Cloud to incapacitate the kobold force, while Tam cast a wind wall to block the archers’ arrows. Alfo waded into combat, slashing left and right, with Shadow – unfortunately fully visible – at his side. The bearded man implored the party not to harm the silver kobolds, though the white were fair game.

Amid the chaos, Manny stood stock-still – because one of the fur-clad warriors charging into battle was someone he recognized. As he was trying to process this, the warrior was surrounded by kobolds and almost immediately brought down, despite Manny’s efforts to help. The rest of the Night Guard advanced boldly through the battlefield, slaying kobolds left and right, but Manny remained by the warrior’s side, inconsolable, trying desperately to stabilize her.

The Night Guard and their allies held their own as a second wave of kobolds attacked. The draconic commander’s attempt at a magical attack was negated by Val’s quick counterspell. While Alfo and the commander traded formidable blows, Shadow drained the commander’s soul, finally ending the battle.

After handcuffing and detaining the silver kobolds, the party and their newfound allies settled down at the tavern for some well-deserved explanations. The blue-robed human named himself as Ricsig, and Manny introduced one of the warriors – a woman named Lavondra – as his mother. The other warrior, a man called Ulf, accused Ricsig of shirking his duties as a protector of Osden, and blamed him for the kobolds’ attack on the village.

Browbeaten and humbled, Ricsig admitted that while he tried to protect the town, he simply wasn’t powerful enough alone. He explained that Osden had previously been under the guardianship of a family of silver dragons, but they had recently been usurped by a powerful white dragon. That dragon used its influence to take control of the local kobolds and their allies, sending them to attack the town’s inhabitants. Ricsig claimed to be a close friend of the silver dragon family, having worked with them for many years to keep Osden safe.

But while he wove this tale for the Night Guard, Ricsig secretly targeted their minds, magically reading the party’s thoughts to determine their true intentions. While Ricsig managed to skim Manny’s memories, Val’s petty frustrations, Tam’s questions, and even Alfo’s secrets, Tam noticed the sorcerer’s intrusion and sternly reprimanded him – in Druidic, to protect Ricsig from the party’s ire.

Ricsig apologized, explaining that he simply needed to be assured that the party had pure intentions. He told Tam that he, too, had visions, and recognized the Night Guard from the images of the mountain and starry dragon that had so often occupied Tam’s dreams. The sorcerer knew the Night Guard by reputation, and though familiar with their power, he couldn’t be sure of their motivations without checking. Ricsig admitted that the past few days had been extremely difficult and traumatic for him. The marauding white dragon was entirely beyond his ability to cope with alone, and he was desperate for the party’s help.

The Night Guard agreed to help deal with the threat. Val calmed down the indignant Ulf and near-hysterical Ricsig, and the group decided to retire for the night before debriefing the next morning.

The party awoke early to find Ricsig already looking over his notes and making plans. He loaned magical items to several of the group members – a Maul of Dragonslaying for Alfo and a Ring of Protection from Cold for Manny. Ricsig explained that the white dragon’s lair was the Rimespire, a shining tower of ice located in the Fey realm of pride. Tam recognized the tower from his visions.

Ricsig used a spell of clairvoyance to scope out the Rimespire. He immediately spotted the white dragon, Duragfang, perched atop the tower. Before he could look around, Duragfang sneered back at Ricsig through the spell, “So, when will you return?” In shock, Ricsig reeled back, breaking the spell.

With no chance to surprise Duragfang at the Spire, the Night Guard chose to take a direct approach. Manny teleported the group – now only the Night Guard and Ricsig, as they had to leave Shadow, Magnolia, and Kiran behind – onto the roof of the Rimespire to confront Duragfang.

Where they had expected a battle, they found only empty ice – the dragon had disappeared. Cautiously, the group tried to enter the tower. They were caught in a slide trap, which dumped Tam and Alfo into a singed library occupied by kobold vandals. Alfo and Val neatly dispatched the kobolds before they could cause any trouble, and the party put out the fire. They salvaged what books remained unburnt and continued onward.

The next staircase the party found contained a lightning rune trap, which they safely dispelled. The floor below consisted of fine living quarters, furnished luxuriously and decorated with rare, gorgeous pieces of art. Ricsig graciously accepted the party’s compliments on this collection, admitting that the items had taken “a long time” to gather. The Night Guard began to suspect that Ricsig had not told them everything about his relationship to the silver dragon family, despite his repeated insistence otherwise.

Descending one staircase further, the party entered a wrecked alchemical laboratory, filled with the ruins of potion-making supplies, broken glass, and some heavily armed kobolds. Before the party could be drawn into a lengthy skirmish, Val tossed a Thunderstone into the center of the room. Manny incinerated the survivors – except a silver kobold, who cowered in the back of the room.

Suspiciously, the little kobold recognized Ricsig, who introduced him as Yarck. Before the party could ask any questions, Ricsig directed Yarck upstairs to safety, and the party continued down to the next floor.

Halfway down the stairs, Val noticed an illusion masking a hole in the floor – too late for Alfo, who stumbled into the illusion and fell through. With Ricsig’s help and Val’s climbing rope, the rest of the party made it safely down, and finally they stood before the door to the Rimespire’s main room.

Together the Night Guard stepped inside – and were met by the baleful gaze of Duragfang himself, a huge white dragon with one silver fang. Duragfang fixed his glare on Ricsig and snarled a challenge.

“So you’re back. Like what I’ve done with the place?”

Apoplectic with fury, Ricsig screeched back, “You’ve turned this place into an abomination!” He shimmered, his shape changing. Before the party’s eyes, he transformed into his true form: Namroth, a young silver dragon. Duragfang screeched with fury and roared out a blast of icy cold, shocking the Night Guard and killing Tam’s swarm companions. While the party reeled from the blast, Namroth leapt forward to claw and bite at Duragfang, while Tam and Manny targeted the white dragon with fire spells. Alfo landed a fearsome blow with the dragon-slaying maul.

Duragfang unfurled his wings and bowled the party over with a blast of freezing wind. The white dragon leapt out through a craggy hole in the wall behind him and flew out of sight. Namroth immediately followed him, leaving the party shocked and disoriented.

Thinking quickly, Val grabbed Alfo and stepped through a Dimension Door with him, transporting them both to the roof. When they arrived they saw a dire scene: Above the lonely pinnacle of the Rimespire, Duragfang and Namroth struggled, locked in aerial combat.

The smaller dragon was no match, and Val and Alfo looked on in horror as he flailed, clutched in Duragfang’s icy talons…

Best Line goes to Alfo:

(When the Night Guard encountered Lavondra.)

“Wait. Is your mom in the cloud?!”

Honorable Mention to Manny: “Guys, I’m as cool as a dragon! I’m just as fast and also emotional!”

Best RP goes to Tam, for scolding a silver dragon in Druidic.

18:00 – Alarm bells ring in the town square. The party investigates.
18:10 – The party and their allies battle and subdue an attacking force of (mainly) kobolds.
19:00 – Everyone goes to the tavern to talk.
20:00 – Ricsig explains recent events to the party and begs their help. Meanwhile, Manny is delighted to be reunited with family.
[Long Rest]
06:00 – Ricsig presents the party with magical items to prepare for their battle.
07:30 – The party teleports to the Rimespire and descends its hazardous stairs.
08:30 – The party encounters Duragfang. Ricsig reveals his true nature as Namroth. Battle ensues.


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