Knack for Flourish

Clues one and two

The Night Guard were approached by Wysafiel to investigate the disappearance of several shipments of elegite. Elegite is a crystal used in the manufacture of magical items, specifically those that hold spells. Klauk had learned of the crystals before during his clerical education and surmised that if enough of them were gathered together, they could house souls.

Upon arrival to Nilve Thalor the party split up to explore the city. Celeste Hornraven and Klauk Bauman went to Arcane steel, and Valerian Redywne and Javen Katyr decided to explore the city’s underbelly. Tamerlane (“Tam”) Redwyne made use of his time by reconnecting with Pateirn who was an old colleague of the party, and was given an emergency license to cast magic within city limits. Afterwards, Val purchased items for Celeste, Klauk ripped many good jokes, and Tam read a book all about Green Dragons.

After the initial exploration of the city, the Night Guard decided to head back to Verrellion’s and meet with Wysafiel. After a bath, hair styling, and dinner, Wysafiel met with the party in their room to discuss their first clue. She had found a letter on a dead guard, and in his possession was a handful of elegite crystals. Whoever had written the letter went to great lengths to ensure the message remain unread.

First the message had the spell Illusory Script cast upon it, which scrambled the words when read. This provided information that the sender had access to arcane magic, particularly that of the illusion school. Second, the sender had jumbled the message up using Thieves’ Cant. Val of course could read Thieves’ Cant, but not elvish. Last, the message had an incredibly complex cipher which further scrambled the letter.

So, the party set to solving their issues. Javen used his faction connections to provide a scroll of comprehend languages, so that Val could understand the elvish on the letter. Having procured the scroll, the Night Guard split into two groups, one headed for the Temple of Mystra, and the other to the University. After several sending stone calls, they decided to pay for a scroll of truesight to bypass the illusory script. Necessary components in hand, the party decided to travel to the Fountain Ward, in order to read in privacy.

Upon entering the private gardens, Valerian’s Dagger sent a warning to the party that they were being ambushed. From out of the hedges slinked twelve thugs, each equipped with daggers, clubs, maces or shortswords. As Val deftly tucked away the scrolls, he activated his porcupine cloak which erupted in a spraying of splinters, piercing most of the thugs. Javen shot one with his crossbow, and Celeste then promptly strode forth and chopped several of them down, and a couple in half, all while commanding Javen to shoot another in the head.

Resuming their task, Val and Klauk set to casting their spells and deciphering the letter. In the end all that read was: MEET ME AT CRISIDEA IMPORTS.

Sneaking to the warehouse labled Crisidea Imports the Night Guard approached cautiously, noting the presence of two mages, a helmed horror, and a couple of ghosts. Javen ducked beneath his cloak and attempted to sneak into the warehouse only to be met by ephemeral talons, all while Valerian cast dimension door, taking himself and Celeste to the distracted mage. Having cut him down, the party then set upon the other wizard, who in a panick cast cone of cold which hurt them seriously but froze Wysafiel to death.

After the encounter, the party searched the warehouse, but found only one thing out of place, a chest with paraphenalia from a mortuary called Auril’s Slab. Maybe more clues could be found there?

Best Line goes to Celeste:

(While sneaking around a warehouse)

“I’d like to prepare by umm… stealthily lighting my sword on fire?”

Best RP goes to Tam, for seeking connections over acquisitions.

8:00 – Party arrives in Crisidea, learns laws and functions.
10:00 – Items are purchased and black market is caroused.
12:00 – Klauk begins praying, Tam speaks with Pateirn
14:00 – Klauk finishes up prayers, party continues to shop.
16:00 – Tam reads a book about Green dragons, party heads to Verrellion’s.
18:00 – Wysafiel finds group and Klauk surmises first clue.
20:00 – Party retrieves necessary tools, and routes a gang of thugs. Second clue deciphered.
21:00 – Party finds warehouse, and kills its protectors.


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