Holding The Wildwood Assembly

And Profit

Today, The Night Guard returned the Eye of the Sunwatchers to Sindaleth. The Wildwood Assembly decided that our Heroes should be the ones to return it to Ashewood Redoubt, to ensure it is used properly.

Val performed a most wonderful concert at the Grande Theatre, earning 3000+ Gold.

Pateirn learned the last known location, and home of the Legendary wizard Otto.

Alfo and Shadow became the Champions of The Beasts’ Call Arena.

Tam conferred with his tutor, Wildwood Assembly Member Orvin Windspeaker.

Before the session’s end, We learned 3 Important things about the world.

1. Alfo’s Mark spreads with whomever it touches.

2. Magic is fading from the Material Plane of Mythweald.

3. The Orcs are Laying siege to Sindaleth.

Best Line goes to Tam.

In reference to the Warlock/Ranger’s Companion:

Tam – “Maybe if we eat her, we’ll gain her power?”


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