Herald of Hope

Legend of Theodric One-Shot

The year is 2035. The war between the Gladrathi Peoples and Crestliners has entered its 18th year of conflict, and it looks as though this will be the last year. New Crest, the glorious capitol of The Galleon Empire is besieged by the Gladrathi Army. For months now the siege has gone on, and famine is beginning to set in. Disease is running rampant through the streets, and a curfew limits civilians to their homes when not working. The city has become stagnant and the populace is losing hope. One small sliver remains Tempus, God of War and Conflict,appeared to the current Emperor. In this vision he claimed that buried with the Greatest Warrior Emperor of the Galleon Line, is a Banner, and that Banner is said to possess the ability to turn the tide of any conflict.

Knowing this may be the last days of his rule, Emperor Baldric Galleon has gathered his most trusted servants.They stand at the entrance to the Galleon Tomb, a deep and dark crypt left unopened for nearly a century. Who knows what horrors fill this ancient resting place of noble blood. Whatever the gamble, the reward is hope.

Theodric, First Knight of Crest, most trusted of the Emperor Baldric was supported by : Ser Beatriz, Ser Yavor, Ser Murien, and Ser Oswynn.

Before entering the tomb, Ser Murien detected the smell of rotting decay.

Upon entering the tomb, they found a room with 3 doors. The first door depicted an epic battle against the Ancient Red Dragon Belastariix. The second door depicted a mass exodus. The third door depicted an emperor being backstabbed.

Behind the First door the party encountered the five most powerful emperors to have ruled.

Five Ghostly Figures sit upon gilded thrones before you. Each of them appears unique and easily identifiable from the others.

The First Steps forward (Emperor Sigstein Galleon), his nose large and broken, he wears a suit of Ceremonial armor that looks to be centuries old. On his hip rests a shortsword, on his back a spear. At his side is a shield as tall as him.

He says aloud in a strong and sinister voice, “My battles were epic, and my achievements were plenty. When I ruled this land, we were the masters of many.”

After walking back and sitting upon his throne, the second stands and strides forward to the center of the room (Emperor Luka Galleon).

He has a crown on his head, and is wearing lavish robes, furs, and garments, each stained with wine he also has many rings on his fingers.

He says softly, but with clarity “My achievements were few, and my battles are forgotten. When I ruled this land, my people called me rotten.

After this the apparition returns to its stony embrace. Mere seconds later the third slowly rises from his seat (Emperor Roalt Galleon), and limps towards you. His visage is handsome, but mired with guilt. He has two large knives protruding from his chest.

He smiles and speaks very plainly. “My passions were legend, and my deeds dark and sinister. When I ruled this land, I was quite the effective minister.”

After this, the ghostly emperor slowly drags himself back to his throne. After he appears well and comfortable, the fourth of these ghosts rises (Emperor Grinag Galleon), and with a flash, he appears in the center of the chamber. His face is covered by a hood, and his robes are tattered. It appears as though he has wings and scales.

He speaks “My heritage is legend, and my mind was my power. When I ruled this land, we made red dragons cower.”

With another flash of light, He appears nestled in his throne. The last of these emperors stands from his throne (Emperor Norman Galleon), he proudly bears himself chin upright, and chest puffed out. He is wearing nice clothing, that is well embroidered with a rapier by his side. He has a smirk on his face.

He speaks slowly, but with refinement. “My acumen was inspiring, I made our country wealthy. When I ruled this land our people were happy, well-fed and healthy.”

After this he simply walks back to his throne lifts his cloak, and sits back down.

After a couple more moments pass they all speak in unison. “We are the Greatest Emperors of Crest. If you know our names, simply speak them aloud. Honor us, cheer for us, and become our last crowd.”

Emperor Sigstein Galleon- First of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Sigstein built his empire from the ground up. Sigstein’s Armies and Cruelty was his power. He sailed his troops up and down the coast, conquering village after village, and warlord after warlord until he amassed armies large enough to rival the other nations of Mythweald combined. He was a ruthless warlord, who made sure his enemies all bent their knee to him in service and those who would not, were executed as examples. He was a strong leader, but every battle he fought left him crippled and injured horribly. He died during a duel with a rival lord, after a dinner banquet, over an insult that was hurt his ego.

Emperor Luka Galleon- 4th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Luka was a spoiled brat known to throw temper tantrums in court during the day, and spend lavish nights of feasting and dining. His populace never really said anything about him, nor did they care much about him. He never really accomplished anything as far as war or fame goes, but he was an avid politician who reformed many of the countries worst laws, even though most people thought he was “Rotten.”

Emperor Roalt Galleon- 7th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Roalt is a sad figure. Roalt was a priest of Lathander, and born 4th in line to inherit (meaning he was unlikely to inherit at all). After an crash (plotted by his older brother, who was 3rd in line) that slew his two older brothers, his father, and left him severely crippled, he plotted to take the throne from his brother as revenge. Later in life, Roalt fell in love with a Half-Elven woman named Diatra, who was a kind healer and spiritual leader. She was the daughter of a Gladrathi Scout Captain. When the scout captain learned of their secret meetings, he had them both killed the next time they met. After he died, the country fell into mourning, and thus became a nation assembled against a common foe, united under one banner.

Emperor Grinag Galleon- 11th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Grinag was the first of the Galleon Line to inherit the powers of the Ancient Red Dragon Belastriix. His capacity for magic was nearly unrivaled, and he paved the way for the Inner Dragon Circle, which to this day still stands. During his reign, Grinag lead several successful campaigns against the dragons of Nubixis, eventually he sundered the land. They call this sundering the Chasm, this was the beginning of the Age of Men.

Emperor Norman Galleon- 18th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Norman was young when he inherited the throne at only the age of 12. However, it seemed to strengthen his rule even more than thought possible. From quite a young age, Norman proved to be quite the prodigy. At 14 he personally fought off an assassination attempt on his life. At 17 he ended the Greycastle rebellion by marching up to their leader, and socking him in the face. At 23 he slew fourteen basilisks, while attempting to retrieve his kidnapped wife from the lair of a medusa. In his 30’s he successfully negotiated trade agreements with every nation that lead to a golden age throughout the empire. During his 40’s he fought a war against the Orcs of the Kilik Peaks, personally taking front of the charge leading his men to battle. At the ripe old age of 68 became the first ever emperor to retire, settling down in sunny Pabshaw port to live another 20 years peacefully before passing away of old age.

Theodric used his divine senses to reveal that one of these emperors (presumably the greatest warrior) was a celestial, and the others were mere undead.

Using this information, Beatriz attempted to Turn the Undead which was successful in driving away two of them, but left three remaining. They decided to return once they had learned more information. Proceeding back to the entryway.

They then opened the third door, to reveal a room with Phase spiders, and skeletons. It was here that Yavor’s greatest fears were realized, and he had a heart attack from fright. At the back of this room, an illusory wall concealed a magical fountain which conferred a bonus to the first person who drank from it, but stole from those who drank afterwards.

After this, the party proceeded back towards the emperors new information at hand, they decided to pick the Emperor Grinag, who admittedly was a red-herring. When Theodric stepped forward to challenge him, he bore a blade, and blue-flame. Instead of fighting Theodric, he stole away a gem from Ser Murien, and disappeared entirely. Once the fight was over, the choice was obvious.

Emperor Roalt was Theodric’s second guess, and this time the challenge was not combat, but acceptance. Roalt told Theodric, that in order to pass his challenge, he must reveal his heritage, and seek the acceptance of the other Knights. Gathering forth his courage, Theodric did such, and was luke-warmly received. Having succeeded, Roalt appeared as an angel. He said that within his resting place was the Banner of Old Crest, and that in their journey to his resting place they should not stop for any apparitions.

What happened next was awful. They proceeded down the third hall. A hall filled with apparitions. First to die was Beatriz, as the ghosts rent her soul from her flesh she quoted “Helm- Page 13: A soldier who does not have the courage to fight, should not be called a soldier.”

Proceeding Beatriz’s death, Yavor was the next to die. He heard his former allies from the war front calling out to him. Before leaving the party, he muttered “And this time I shall not run.”

After Yavor’s death came Oswynn’s, a strange mist began to swallow him whole. Amidst this chaos, he tossed the Galleon Tome of Lineage he had been working on for his whole life to Theodric. With a mere “Let it be writ,” he passed from the world of the living.

With only Murien, and Theodric left, the two entered the final resting place of Roalt to find the Banner. Standing in front of the Banner was the pale visage of the dead Grinag.

Murien quickly shouted “Go, get the banner and leave.” Theodric did such, and when he touched the Banner, it began to age him horribly. His hair grew white, his body stiff, but his presence grew greater. Furthermore he appeared.. Human.

With that Theodric fled the Tomb, brought the Banner back to the Siege and broke it, killing every last Gladrathi, and winning the Battle of New Crest.

It is said that when Theodric returned to the Tomb the corpses of his former allies lined the halls, and the stone that had been kept secret by Murien, and pried free by Grinag lay crushed in the foul beast’s hand.

Happy Endings
Even though all the Knights above (excluding Theodric) died, they all do die in peace.

All are to be considered OOC Knowledge

Ser Oswynn- After being absorbed by the mists, was not killed, but instead taken by the god Correllon. He lives on in eternity with the god of stories and arts. Making magic, music and mysteries.

Ser Beatriz- After her soul was rent from her body, she awoke in Acherus. Acherus is Tempus’ Holy plane. She is a Valkyrie there, healing the wounded, and fighting in epic battles every day.

Ser Yavor- After accepting his mistakes and moving on, Yavor found himself at the side of Ilmater who acknowledged his great suffering. He was released into the Astral sea to live beside his former comrades.

Ser Murien- Who died valiantly defending Theodric so he could escape. After slaying Grinag, he crushed the Eye which in turn killed him He was buried in the same tomb as his family. What became of his soul, is a red dragon’s business.


Take Aways Once Again:

Val- Related to Norman Galleon
?Inherited? Duskchanter

Theodric- Changed Human by the effect of the Banner/Tempus. Immune to its effects as well.

The Stone in Question is indeed the Eye of The Duskwatchers.

Herald of Hope
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