The First Case: Missing Spell Components
Thieves, and More!

The day started off pretty regularly. Tris woke up and made breakfast for everyone, while at Sir Io at her own home viewed the new cases dropped off in her study.

After some sleeping in, and hi jinks, Reilen awoke, and joined up with the group. Caelus was still visiting his parents.

The four investigators and a new hire Tat-ara made their way to Rite Keeper Infassa and fulfilled the necessary bonds to make a Living Phylactery. Crreek was skeptical of this, and desired only to deposit a feather, which the Dominion took as a suitable substitute.

The party then headed to their first job, a demonstration of Elemental conjuration headed by Manifestor Ganamede . During the demonstration, the class was interrupted, as something caused Ganamede to lose concentration on the Air Elemental he had summoned. The Investigators handled themselves suitably, managing to protect the students and pull Ganamede away from harm as he regained his senses.

As he banished the Elemental, Ganamede told Sir Io that he would follow up his own investigation and paid the Task unit 7 GP each.

Afterwards the Task Unit decided to investigate one of the cases presented to them, Apprentice Arnara’s missing spell components. They reviewed the crime scene and found that the would be thief picked an impossible lock, had access to magical means of remaining unseen and untraceable, as well as having stolen components needed for the Chromatic Orb, and Identify spells.

However their leads died out. They decided to question Arnara’s neighbor who is the innkeeper within the Entertainment district. He said that a group of ruffians had paid for the week’s stay in advance. The Task Unit decided this was enough to follow up on and paid the Inn a visit.

The ruffian’s noticed the Task Unit spying on them, and decided to call them out on it. In a crude fashion, they challenged the Unit to a brawl, in the alley behind the Inn. The party fought well, killed one of them, subdued the other two, and pressed them for information. The group of ruffians told Sir Io the location of a basement in the outer ward, as well as the hush money they had been paid.

Following their new lead, the Unit traveled to the outer ward, only to realize a Thief had been following them, and had swiped Sir Io’s gold pouch, and was in the process of snatching Reilen’s holy symbol. They gave a good chase, but eventually lost him when he knocked Crreek unconscious.

A New Team!

The adventure started with Sir Ioreth Shanuriel, Caelus Belator, and Rendiel being assigned to investigate a sewer blockage, before the big day.

The three journeyed down the hatch with haste. They managed to avoid a gushing pipe, well except for Rendiel.

Later on down the line, the three found themselves assaulted by Dispas, which they struggled to dispatch quickly, leading to the death of Rendiel.


Outside of the city, Tris Fletcher, Reilen, and Crreek Par’tath struggled to gain enough money for entry to the city.

Ultimately they helped the people of the Outer Ward, which resulted in multiple opportunities.

Then Sheldon showed up to warn Tris of danger, which was immediately perpetrated by The Red Knight.

The four were beat him to a pulp, and he finally surrendered after Sheldon blasted him (and several tents) with a lightning bolt. Then Sheldon just up and disappeared.

Having seen this chaos erupt, the guards rushed over, and promptly arrested the trio that was left.

The group were charged with destruction of private property and causing panic, witnesses stated that they didn’t intend to harm people, only that they were acting to defend a child. For this, Orator Venali and Diviner chose to sentence them to a single year of community service under the supervision of Sir Io. Later on, the Dominion even drafted up a contract to ensure the new unit had gotten a good deal.

Afterwards, the group introduced themselves to one another.

Sir Ioreth was friendly and open, but didn’t provide much in the way of answers.

Caelus spoke little, but was immensely knowledgeable.

Tris was timid at first, but became embittered after being asked too many questions.

Reilen was quiet for the most part, but piped up as she grew more comfortable with the city.

Crreek was entirely quiet, electing to go to their assigned room.

After introductions, Sir Rothilien Verinari showed up to invite Io to his 400th birthday bash. He complimented the lot, instilled some camradery, asked for a job, and invited them all as honored guests.

The party was a bit much for Caelus, and Tris, so they went home early. Reilen drank a bit, but decided she would rather roam the city a bit. Sir Io stayed for the after party.

Knack for Flourish
Clues one and two

The Night Guard were approached by Wysafiel to investigate the disappearance of several shipments of elegite. Elegite is a crystal used in the manufacture of magical items, specifically those that hold spells. Klauk had learned of the crystals before during his clerical education and surmised that if enough of them were gathered together, they could house souls.

Upon arrival to Nilve Thalor the party split up to explore the city. Celeste Hornraven and Klauk Bauman went to Arcane steel, and Valerian Redywne and Javen Katyr decided to explore the city’s underbelly. Tamerlane (“Tam”) Redwyne made use of his time by reconnecting with Pateirn who was an old colleague of the party, and was given an emergency license to cast magic within city limits. Afterwards, Val purchased items for Celeste, Klauk ripped many good jokes, and Tam read a book all about Green Dragons.

After the initial exploration of the city, the Night Guard decided to head back to Verrellion’s and meet with Wysafiel. After a bath, hair styling, and dinner, Wysafiel met with the party in their room to discuss their first clue. She had found a letter on a dead guard, and in his possession was a handful of elegite crystals. Whoever had written the letter went to great lengths to ensure the message remain unread.

First the message had the spell Illusory Script cast upon it, which scrambled the words when read. This provided information that the sender had access to arcane magic, particularly that of the illusion school. Second, the sender had jumbled the message up using Thieves’ Cant. Val of course could read Thieves’ Cant, but not elvish. Last, the message had an incredibly complex cipher which further scrambled the letter.

So, the party set to solving their issues. Javen used his faction connections to provide a scroll of comprehend languages, so that Val could understand the elvish on the letter. Having procured the scroll, the Night Guard split into two groups, one headed for the Temple of Mystra, and the other to the University. After several sending stone calls, they decided to pay for a scroll of truesight to bypass the illusory script. Necessary components in hand, the party decided to travel to the Fountain Ward, in order to read in privacy.

Upon entering the private gardens, Valerian’s Dagger sent a warning to the party that they were being ambushed. From out of the hedges slinked twelve thugs, each equipped with daggers, clubs, maces or shortswords. As Val deftly tucked away the scrolls, he activated his porcupine cloak which erupted in a spraying of splinters, piercing most of the thugs. Javen shot one with his crossbow, and Celeste then promptly strode forth and chopped several of them down, and a couple in half, all while commanding Javen to shoot another in the head.

Resuming their task, Val and Klauk set to casting their spells and deciphering the letter. In the end all that read was: MEET ME AT CRISIDEA IMPORTS.

Sneaking to the warehouse labled Crisidea Imports the Night Guard approached cautiously, noting the presence of two mages, a helmed horror, and a couple of ghosts. Javen ducked beneath his cloak and attempted to sneak into the warehouse only to be met by ephemeral talons, all while Valerian cast dimension door, taking himself and Celeste to the distracted mage. Having cut him down, the party then set upon the other wizard, who in a panick cast cone of cold which hurt them seriously but froze Wysafiel to death.

After the encounter, the party searched the warehouse, but found only one thing out of place, a chest with paraphenalia from a mortuary called Auril’s Slab. Maybe more clues could be found there?

Best Line goes to Celeste:

(While sneaking around a warehouse)

“I’d like to prepare by umm… stealthily lighting my sword on fire?”

Best RP goes to Tam, for seeking connections over acquisitions.

8:00 – Party arrives in Crisidea, learns laws and functions.
10:00 – Items are purchased and black market is caroused.
12:00 – Klauk begins praying, Tam speaks with Pateirn
14:00 – Klauk finishes up prayers, party continues to shop.
16:00 – Tam reads a book about Green dragons, party heads to Verrellion’s.
18:00 – Wysafiel finds group and Klauk surmises first clue.
20:00 – Party retrieves necessary tools, and routes a gang of thugs. Second clue deciphered.
21:00 – Party finds warehouse, and kills its protectors.

Herald of Hope
Legend of Theodric One-Shot

The year is 2035. The war between the Gladrathi Peoples and Crestliners has entered its 18th year of conflict, and it looks as though this will be the last year. New Crest, the glorious capitol of The Galleon Empire is besieged by the Gladrathi Army. For months now the siege has gone on, and famine is beginning to set in. Disease is running rampant through the streets, and a curfew limits civilians to their homes when not working. The city has become stagnant and the populace is losing hope. One small sliver remains Tempus, God of War and Conflict,appeared to the current Emperor. In this vision he claimed that buried with the Greatest Warrior Emperor of the Galleon Line, is a Banner, and that Banner is said to possess the ability to turn the tide of any conflict.

Knowing this may be the last days of his rule, Emperor Baldric Galleon has gathered his most trusted servants.They stand at the entrance to the Galleon Tomb, a deep and dark crypt left unopened for nearly a century. Who knows what horrors fill this ancient resting place of noble blood. Whatever the gamble, the reward is hope.

Theodric, First Knight of Crest, most trusted of the Emperor Baldric was supported by : Ser Beatriz, Ser Yavor, Ser Murien, and Ser Oswynn.

Before entering the tomb, Ser Murien detected the smell of rotting decay.

Upon entering the tomb, they found a room with 3 doors. The first door depicted an epic battle against the Ancient Red Dragon Belastariix. The second door depicted a mass exodus. The third door depicted an emperor being backstabbed.

Behind the First door the party encountered the five most powerful emperors to have ruled.

Five Ghostly Figures sit upon gilded thrones before you. Each of them appears unique and easily identifiable from the others.

The First Steps forward (Emperor Sigstein Galleon), his nose large and broken, he wears a suit of Ceremonial armor that looks to be centuries old. On his hip rests a shortsword, on his back a spear. At his side is a shield as tall as him.

He says aloud in a strong and sinister voice, “My battles were epic, and my achievements were plenty. When I ruled this land, we were the masters of many.”

After walking back and sitting upon his throne, the second stands and strides forward to the center of the room (Emperor Luka Galleon).

He has a crown on his head, and is wearing lavish robes, furs, and garments, each stained with wine he also has many rings on his fingers.

He says softly, but with clarity “My achievements were few, and my battles are forgotten. When I ruled this land, my people called me rotten.

After this the apparition returns to its stony embrace. Mere seconds later the third slowly rises from his seat (Emperor Roalt Galleon), and limps towards you. His visage is handsome, but mired with guilt. He has two large knives protruding from his chest.

He smiles and speaks very plainly. “My passions were legend, and my deeds dark and sinister. When I ruled this land, I was quite the effective minister.”

After this, the ghostly emperor slowly drags himself back to his throne. After he appears well and comfortable, the fourth of these ghosts rises (Emperor Grinag Galleon), and with a flash, he appears in the center of the chamber. His face is covered by a hood, and his robes are tattered. It appears as though he has wings and scales.

He speaks “My heritage is legend, and my mind was my power. When I ruled this land, we made red dragons cower.”

With another flash of light, He appears nestled in his throne. The last of these emperors stands from his throne (Emperor Norman Galleon), he proudly bears himself chin upright, and chest puffed out. He is wearing nice clothing, that is well embroidered with a rapier by his side. He has a smirk on his face.

He speaks slowly, but with refinement. “My acumen was inspiring, I made our country wealthy. When I ruled this land our people were happy, well-fed and healthy.”

After this he simply walks back to his throne lifts his cloak, and sits back down.

After a couple more moments pass they all speak in unison. “We are the Greatest Emperors of Crest. If you know our names, simply speak them aloud. Honor us, cheer for us, and become our last crowd.”

Emperor Sigstein Galleon- First of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Sigstein built his empire from the ground up. Sigstein’s Armies and Cruelty was his power. He sailed his troops up and down the coast, conquering village after village, and warlord after warlord until he amassed armies large enough to rival the other nations of Mythweald combined. He was a ruthless warlord, who made sure his enemies all bent their knee to him in service and those who would not, were executed as examples. He was a strong leader, but every battle he fought left him crippled and injured horribly. He died during a duel with a rival lord, after a dinner banquet, over an insult that was hurt his ego.

Emperor Luka Galleon- 4th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Luka was a spoiled brat known to throw temper tantrums in court during the day, and spend lavish nights of feasting and dining. His populace never really said anything about him, nor did they care much about him. He never really accomplished anything as far as war or fame goes, but he was an avid politician who reformed many of the countries worst laws, even though most people thought he was “Rotten.”

Emperor Roalt Galleon- 7th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Roalt is a sad figure. Roalt was a priest of Lathander, and born 4th in line to inherit (meaning he was unlikely to inherit at all). After an crash (plotted by his older brother, who was 3rd in line) that slew his two older brothers, his father, and left him severely crippled, he plotted to take the throne from his brother as revenge. Later in life, Roalt fell in love with a Half-Elven woman named Diatra, who was a kind healer and spiritual leader. She was the daughter of a Gladrathi Scout Captain. When the scout captain learned of their secret meetings, he had them both killed the next time they met. After he died, the country fell into mourning, and thus became a nation assembled against a common foe, united under one banner.

Emperor Grinag Galleon- 11th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Grinag was the first of the Galleon Line to inherit the powers of the Ancient Red Dragon Belastriix. His capacity for magic was nearly unrivaled, and he paved the way for the Inner Dragon Circle, which to this day still stands. During his reign, Grinag lead several successful campaigns against the dragons of Nubixis, eventually he sundered the land. They call this sundering the Chasm, this was the beginning of the Age of Men.

Emperor Norman Galleon- 18th of the Galleon Line of Emperors, Norman was young when he inherited the throne at only the age of 12. However, it seemed to strengthen his rule even more than thought possible. From quite a young age, Norman proved to be quite the prodigy. At 14 he personally fought off an assassination attempt on his life. At 17 he ended the Greycastle rebellion by marching up to their leader, and socking him in the face. At 23 he slew fourteen basilisks, while attempting to retrieve his kidnapped wife from the lair of a medusa. In his 30’s he successfully negotiated trade agreements with every nation that lead to a golden age throughout the empire. During his 40’s he fought a war against the Orcs of the Kilik Peaks, personally taking front of the charge leading his men to battle. At the ripe old age of 68 became the first ever emperor to retire, settling down in sunny Pabshaw port to live another 20 years peacefully before passing away of old age.

Theodric used his divine senses to reveal that one of these emperors (presumably the greatest warrior) was a celestial, and the others were mere undead.

Using this information, Beatriz attempted to Turn the Undead which was successful in driving away two of them, but left three remaining. They decided to return once they had learned more information. Proceeding back to the entryway.

They then opened the third door, to reveal a room with Phase spiders, and skeletons. It was here that Yavor’s greatest fears were realized, and he had a heart attack from fright. At the back of this room, an illusory wall concealed a magical fountain which conferred a bonus to the first person who drank from it, but stole from those who drank afterwards.

After this, the party proceeded back towards the emperors new information at hand, they decided to pick the Emperor Grinag, who admittedly was a red-herring. When Theodric stepped forward to challenge him, he bore a blade, and blue-flame. Instead of fighting Theodric, he stole away a gem from Ser Murien, and disappeared entirely. Once the fight was over, the choice was obvious.

Emperor Roalt was Theodric’s second guess, and this time the challenge was not combat, but acceptance. Roalt told Theodric, that in order to pass his challenge, he must reveal his heritage, and seek the acceptance of the other Knights. Gathering forth his courage, Theodric did such, and was luke-warmly received. Having succeeded, Roalt appeared as an angel. He said that within his resting place was the Banner of Old Crest, and that in their journey to his resting place they should not stop for any apparitions.

What happened next was awful. They proceeded down the third hall. A hall filled with apparitions. First to die was Beatriz, as the ghosts rent her soul from her flesh she quoted “Helm- Page 13: A soldier who does not have the courage to fight, should not be called a soldier.”

Proceeding Beatriz’s death, Yavor was the next to die. He heard his former allies from the war front calling out to him. Before leaving the party, he muttered “And this time I shall not run.”

After Yavor’s death came Oswynn’s, a strange mist began to swallow him whole. Amidst this chaos, he tossed the Galleon Tome of Lineage he had been working on for his whole life to Theodric. With a mere “Let it be writ,” he passed from the world of the living.

With only Murien, and Theodric left, the two entered the final resting place of Roalt to find the Banner. Standing in front of the Banner was the pale visage of the dead Grinag.

Murien quickly shouted “Go, get the banner and leave.” Theodric did such, and when he touched the Banner, it began to age him horribly. His hair grew white, his body stiff, but his presence grew greater. Furthermore he appeared.. Human.

With that Theodric fled the Tomb, brought the Banner back to the Siege and broke it, killing every last Gladrathi, and winning the Battle of New Crest.

It is said that when Theodric returned to the Tomb the corpses of his former allies lined the halls, and the stone that had been kept secret by Murien, and pried free by Grinag lay crushed in the foul beast’s hand.

Happy Endings
Even though all the Knights above (excluding Theodric) died, they all do die in peace.

All are to be considered OOC Knowledge

Ser Oswynn- After being absorbed by the mists, was not killed, but instead taken by the god Correllon. He lives on in eternity with the god of stories and arts. Making magic, music and mysteries.

Ser Beatriz- After her soul was rent from her body, she awoke in Acherus. Acherus is Tempus’ Holy plane. She is a Valkyrie there, healing the wounded, and fighting in epic battles every day.

Ser Yavor- After accepting his mistakes and moving on, Yavor found himself at the side of Ilmater who acknowledged his great suffering. He was released into the Astral sea to live beside his former comrades.

Ser Murien- Who died valiantly defending Theodric so he could escape. After slaying Grinag, he crushed the Eye which in turn killed him He was buried in the same tomb as his family. What became of his soul, is a red dragon’s business.

The Rimespire
Ricsig's Secrets

The Night Guard raced towards the outskirts of town, the clang of alarm bells ringing in their ears. They passed buildings that had been set alight, and saw town citizens preparing their defenses. At the city gate they found an elderly and bearded human in blue robes, flanked by two charging humanoid warriors dressed in furs. A horde of white and silver kobolds advanced toward the gate, led by a dragon-like humanoid snarling orders in Draconic.

Val tried to ask the bearded man what was happening but, he only snapped back – “Can’t you see we’re under attack?!” Val quickly cast a Stinking Cloud to incapacitate the kobold force, while Tam cast a wind wall to block the archers’ arrows. Alfo waded into combat, slashing left and right, with Shadow – unfortunately fully visible – at his side. The bearded man implored the party not to harm the silver kobolds, though the white were fair game.

Amid the chaos, Manny stood stock-still – because one of the fur-clad warriors charging into battle was someone he recognized. As he was trying to process this, the warrior was surrounded by kobolds and almost immediately brought down, despite Manny’s efforts to help. The rest of the Night Guard advanced boldly through the battlefield, slaying kobolds left and right, but Manny remained by the warrior’s side, inconsolable, trying desperately to stabilize her.

The Night Guard and their allies held their own as a second wave of kobolds attacked. The draconic commander’s attempt at a magical attack was negated by Val’s quick counterspell. While Alfo and the commander traded formidable blows, Shadow drained the commander’s soul, finally ending the battle.

After handcuffing and detaining the silver kobolds, the party and their newfound allies settled down at the tavern for some well-deserved explanations. The blue-robed human named himself as Ricsig, and Manny introduced one of the warriors – a woman named Lavondra – as his mother. The other warrior, a man called Ulf, accused Ricsig of shirking his duties as a protector of Osden, and blamed him for the kobolds’ attack on the village.

Browbeaten and humbled, Ricsig admitted that while he tried to protect the town, he simply wasn’t powerful enough alone. He explained that Osden had previously been under the guardianship of a family of silver dragons, but they had recently been usurped by a powerful white dragon. That dragon used its influence to take control of the local kobolds and their allies, sending them to attack the town’s inhabitants. Ricsig claimed to be a close friend of the silver dragon family, having worked with them for many years to keep Osden safe.

But while he wove this tale for the Night Guard, Ricsig secretly targeted their minds, magically reading the party’s thoughts to determine their true intentions. While Ricsig managed to skim Manny’s memories, Val’s petty frustrations, Tam’s questions, and even Alfo’s secrets, Tam noticed the sorcerer’s intrusion and sternly reprimanded him – in Druidic, to protect Ricsig from the party’s ire.

Ricsig apologized, explaining that he simply needed to be assured that the party had pure intentions. He told Tam that he, too, had visions, and recognized the Night Guard from the images of the mountain and starry dragon that had so often occupied Tam’s dreams. The sorcerer knew the Night Guard by reputation, and though familiar with their power, he couldn’t be sure of their motivations without checking. Ricsig admitted that the past few days had been extremely difficult and traumatic for him. The marauding white dragon was entirely beyond his ability to cope with alone, and he was desperate for the party’s help.

The Night Guard agreed to help deal with the threat. Val calmed down the indignant Ulf and near-hysterical Ricsig, and the group decided to retire for the night before debriefing the next morning.

The party awoke early to find Ricsig already looking over his notes and making plans. He loaned magical items to several of the group members – a Maul of Dragonslaying for Alfo and a Ring of Protection from Cold for Manny. Ricsig explained that the white dragon’s lair was the Rimespire, a shining tower of ice located in the Fey realm of pride. Tam recognized the tower from his visions.

Ricsig used a spell of clairvoyance to scope out the Rimespire. He immediately spotted the white dragon, Duragfang, perched atop the tower. Before he could look around, Duragfang sneered back at Ricsig through the spell, “So, when will you return?” In shock, Ricsig reeled back, breaking the spell.

With no chance to surprise Duragfang at the Spire, the Night Guard chose to take a direct approach. Manny teleported the group – now only the Night Guard and Ricsig, as they had to leave Shadow, Magnolia, and Kiran behind – onto the roof of the Rimespire to confront Duragfang.

Where they had expected a battle, they found only empty ice – the dragon had disappeared. Cautiously, the group tried to enter the tower. They were caught in a slide trap, which dumped Tam and Alfo into a singed library occupied by kobold vandals. Alfo and Val neatly dispatched the kobolds before they could cause any trouble, and the party put out the fire. They salvaged what books remained unburnt and continued onward.

The next staircase the party found contained a lightning rune trap, which they safely dispelled. The floor below consisted of fine living quarters, furnished luxuriously and decorated with rare, gorgeous pieces of art. Ricsig graciously accepted the party’s compliments on this collection, admitting that the items had taken “a long time” to gather. The Night Guard began to suspect that Ricsig had not told them everything about his relationship to the silver dragon family, despite his repeated insistence otherwise.

Descending one staircase further, the party entered a wrecked alchemical laboratory, filled with the ruins of potion-making supplies, broken glass, and some heavily armed kobolds. Before the party could be drawn into a lengthy skirmish, Val tossed a Thunderstone into the center of the room. Manny incinerated the survivors – except a silver kobold, who cowered in the back of the room.

Suspiciously, the little kobold recognized Ricsig, who introduced him as Yarck. Before the party could ask any questions, Ricsig directed Yarck upstairs to safety, and the party continued down to the next floor.

Halfway down the stairs, Val noticed an illusion masking a hole in the floor – too late for Alfo, who stumbled into the illusion and fell through. With Ricsig’s help and Val’s climbing rope, the rest of the party made it safely down, and finally they stood before the door to the Rimespire’s main room.

Together the Night Guard stepped inside – and were met by the baleful gaze of Duragfang himself, a huge white dragon with one silver fang. Duragfang fixed his glare on Ricsig and snarled a challenge.

“So you’re back. Like what I’ve done with the place?”

Apoplectic with fury, Ricsig screeched back, “You’ve turned this place into an abomination!” He shimmered, his shape changing. Before the party’s eyes, he transformed into his true form: Namroth, a young silver dragon. Duragfang screeched with fury and roared out a blast of icy cold, shocking the Night Guard and killing Tam’s swarm companions. While the party reeled from the blast, Namroth leapt forward to claw and bite at Duragfang, while Tam and Manny targeted the white dragon with fire spells. Alfo landed a fearsome blow with the dragon-slaying maul.

Duragfang unfurled his wings and bowled the party over with a blast of freezing wind. The white dragon leapt out through a craggy hole in the wall behind him and flew out of sight. Namroth immediately followed him, leaving the party shocked and disoriented.

Thinking quickly, Val grabbed Alfo and stepped through a Dimension Door with him, transporting them both to the roof. When they arrived they saw a dire scene: Above the lonely pinnacle of the Rimespire, Duragfang and Namroth struggled, locked in aerial combat.

The smaller dragon was no match, and Val and Alfo looked on in horror as he flailed, clutched in Duragfang’s icy talons…

Best Line goes to Alfo:

(When the Night Guard encountered Lavondra.)

“Wait. Is your mom in the cloud?!”

Honorable Mention to Manny: “Guys, I’m as cool as a dragon! I’m just as fast and also emotional!”

Best RP goes to Tam, for scolding a silver dragon in Druidic.

18:00 – Alarm bells ring in the town square. The party investigates.
18:10 – The party and their allies battle and subdue an attacking force of (mainly) kobolds.
19:00 – Everyone goes to the tavern to talk.
20:00 – Ricsig explains recent events to the party and begs their help. Meanwhile, Manny is delighted to be reunited with family.
[Long Rest]
06:00 – Ricsig presents the party with magical items to prepare for their battle.
07:30 – The party teleports to the Rimespire and descends its hazardous stairs.
08:30 – The party encounters Duragfang. Ricsig reveals his true nature as Namroth. Battle ensues.

The Journey to Osden
Through the Northern Hills

Mere moments remained before the army’s arrival. The Night Guard questioned one of the survivors of the battle, a soldier named Guntram. He was too badly in shock to tell the party much, but they did learn that his orders to wait in the forest had come not from Elesar but from Captain Connal Reloks – confirming that Elesar was not the legitimate Captain of the Royal Core. The party stabilized the shivering Guntram, and gave him what little healing they could.

With that, the rest of the Gladrathi army reached the clearing and surrounded the party. Captain Connal himself approached, immediately ordering the Night Guard handcuffed and their weapons confiscated. They were marched to a command tent, and each party member was questioned in turn.

Tam volunteered to go first and attempted to overwhelm Connal with details, relating the Night Guard’s adventures in the Feral Bosk and the events that led up to the battle in the Ei’dath Woods. Val was next, and tried to intimidate the captain by talking up the Night Guard’s rank and importance. Connal’s meticulous note-taking and professional mien held up to both Tam and Val. Manny was not treated as well as the two humans; Connal interrogated him aggressively about the source of his magical knowledge and threw him in a cage for “a special round of questioning later.”

Alfo was the only one left. He was taken to a separate tent, where the rest of the Night Guard could neither see nor hear what was happening. They did hear Shadow, though*. Hidden in the woods, Shadow relayed to the party that the army was behaving strangely – hacking down trees, looting the corpses of Elesar’s crew, and executing survivors, including Guntram. Luckily, Shadow remained undetected by the army’s scouts. Val and Tam tried to escape their bonds, but the locks held fast.

Meanwhile, Alfo was disturbed to see Connal’s guard fetch a torture kit for his interrogation. The captain handed Alfo a letter from Alfo’s own father, who had written to apologize for sending “them” after him. Connal explained that his job was to recover people who had “slipped from their path”. He revealed himself to be a Fjiordin in disguise: Bendus Frostbeard of Emberhearth. He claimed that Alfo had strayed from Ulaa’s light, but he was there to help Alfo return to a blessed path.

“You will now pay from the flesh what you lost in spirit. The Church of Ulaa will forgive you…”

Frostbeard briefly tortured Alfo. Satisfied the sinner had been set right, Frostbeard freed him and laid out the terms of his agreement. He promised to use his official power to make the Night Guard’s crimes disappear, and to write up a report framing the party as aberration-slaying heroes, without mentioning Elesar at all. Suspiciously and reluctantly, Alfo agreed – but still couldn’t understand why Frostbeard had been sent after him. Alfo soon began to suspect that his deeds in the current, alternate timeline** might not be entirely commendable.

“Am I paying for sins I never committed?”

Frostbeard gave Alfo no further information, but instead assumed his disguise as Captain Connal again and ordered the army to break camp, as his work was done. He did give Alfo a reward for “helping the Elven State”. The army cleared the battle site, threw all the dead in a mass grave, and marched away as quickly as they had appeared.

Exhausted and confused after their baffling encounter with Connal’s army, the Night Guard headed back to Sindaleth to rest. Redrick informed Manny that he’d submitted a claim for the Lead to Gold property, and they needed only wait a week for the business owner – their old sponsor Derpus the Alchemist – to approve the property transfer. The party settled in for a week of R&R.

Manny spent his week building a teleportation circle inside his shop, thereby creating a base in Sindaleth for the Night Guard. Tam tried to eavesdrop in a local tavern, but after an unfortuante encounter with Animal Control, went to research in the library instead. Val and Alfo spent their first free day reading books and doing odd jobs, respectively. The two then went out on a hunting trip at Alfo’s behest, managing to track down and kill a Chuul in the forest. They celebrated by sharing some of Alfo’s mead, though it was a bit strong for Val.

At the week’s end, Manny’s teleportation circle was complete. Redrick notified the party that Derpus had gladly handed over ownership of the shop to Manny, who in turn hired a shopkeeper to watch over the store for him. The Night Guard was ready to leave for Osden.

They resolved to take an overland route through the relatively unknown Northern Hills, rather than the familiar path through the Ashewood or a different route through a mysterious mountain pass. With light hearts, they struck out northward.

A few days into their journey, the Night Guard passed a group of Crisideans bound for Nilve Thalor. They were delighted to see their old friend Pateirn among the group, but he didn’t recognize the party. This brief encounter reminded them that in the alternate timeline**, they couldn’t count on old allies or friends.

As the Night Guard traveled onward, the seasons’ change made itself apparent. Flowers bloomed on the hillsides and fish filled the streams. The party met a duo of fellow travelers, who told them of a red dragon lurking in the mountain pass the Night Guard had prudently avoided. During their travels the Night Guard also found a magically locked chest; Val opened it and discovered strength-enhancing gauntlets, which he presented to Magnolia as a gift.

The party progressed further northward, and the hills began to give way to mountainous terrain. One night the party stumbled upon the camp of a cheerful satyr, who introduced himself as Tion and invited the party to join him for stew and music. Tam donated some herbs for the stew, while Val accepted Tion’s challenge of a musical competition. Alfo earned Tion’s respect by sharing some of his expertly brewed mead. Manny and Tion shared tales of their travels. After an evening of fun and revelry, Tion taught Val one last, important song – his name, in Sylvan, which would give Val the power to summon him.

“Should you ever have need, call upon Tion.”

In the morning Tion had disappeared, and the party continued northward.

The landscape grew open and clear. From their high vantage point, the party could see the whole of the Vale below them, from Pabshaw to Tila Estate. Traveling onward, the Night Guard passed an ancient shrine and spotted some local wildlife before they finally reached the edge of the Kilik Mountains. Not far off they could see Osden, and nearby, in the shadow of the Adern’s Peaks, the small orc village Alfo had promised to destroy as part of his shady deal with a black-market vendor.

At Alfo’s request, the party approached the orc village – but instead of the degenerate camp they had expected, they found a quiet settlement, populated by a family of peaceful farmers. The Night Guard stayed to observe the camp for an entire day, seeking to understand why the vendor had wanted these “evil” orcs killed – but couldn’t find a good reason. Unfazed, Alfo was still ready to fulfill his end of the deal, but the rest of the party managed to persuade him to hold off on murdering the villagers.

Instead, the Night Guard made their way to the ferry dock, and caught the ferry across the sea to Osden. During the half-day ride, Manny explained to the party that despite his serene expression, he was overjoyed, as he “might have friends” in Osden and was looking forward to seeing them again. However, he also warned the party that some people in the city likely wanted him dead. To protect Manny from unknown foes, Alfo created a peasant costume, which Manny reluctantly accepted. Manny also took the opportunity to clarify a few of the party’s concerns by asking Oghma:

“Are orcs evil?” Yes.
“Is someone in Osden trying to kill [Manny]?” Yes.

The party arrived at Osden, and Manny led them to a favorite tavern he remembered from his travels. The tavern, though showing its age and the weight of the Emperor’s influence in the town, still stood, and the party was welcomed in. But before the barkeep could begin to answer Manny’s questions, they were interrupted by a noise outside.

In the central square a great clamor rang out, as the city alarm bells began to toll…

Best Line goes to Tam and Val:
When the party encountered a pair of travelers on the same road
Val: “Are they halflings?” (Suspecting them of being scoundrels familiar to Val)
Tam, simultaneously: “Are they cannibals?” ( Remembering the Underdark )

Best RP goes to Alfo, for holding steadfast to his goals and promises, even when faced by very strange evidence about “his” past. ( Also for establishing himself as a master brewer.)


00:00 – The party is detained and questioned by Capt. Connal Reloks (?). Alfo is tortured by “Connal,” really a disguised Fjiordin.
01:00 – The Night Guard is freed. “Connal” and his army leave.
02:00 – The party return to their lodgings to rest.

Spring*** 13 – Manny starts making a teleportation circle in the office of the potion shop. This will take 7 days. Tam researches the Druids’ Council. Alfo does odd jobs. Val reads his new book.
Spring 14 – Manny continues his work. Val and Alfo go hunting. Tam is arrested.
Spring 15 – Manny continues his work. Alfo and Val track down and kill a Chuul.
Spring 16-19 – These days pass without incident. Manny completes the teleportation circle receives final notice that he officially owns the shop.

Spring 19 – The party embarks for Osden via the Northern Hills.
Spring 23 – The party encounters a group of ice elves bound for Nilve Thalor.
Spring 25 – The party meets a traveling duo and shares camp and stories.
Spring 29 – The seasons’ change brings warm breezes, birdsong, and clear night skies.
Spring 32 – The party finds a stream and minor treasure.
Spring 35 – The party finds a magically locked chest and opens it to reveal a pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Strength. These are given to Magnolia.
Spring 38 – Rain does not impede travel.
Spring 41 – The party encounters the campsite of Tion, a satyr. They become friends.
Spring 48 – The party passes by an ancient shrine in a hillside.
Spring 51 – The party draws near enough to Osden to see it in the distance. The nearby orc village is not threatening enough to immediately attack, so the party progresses straight to Osden.
Spring 52 – The party takes the ferry to Osden.


** Timeline B, the “alternate timeline,” defined as that which the Night Guard were transported into at an unknown point.

**Called it spring because I don’t know the seasons/months as they are called in Mythweald…. will edit and fix

Return to Sindaleth
A "relaxing" day

Unlike the Shadow Gate under Tila Estate, the portal the Night Guard stepped through this time stayed open behind them, as Elidyr wished. The party crossed the lake and made their way through the woods to Sindaleth. Upon arrival, they split up, and each party member headed off to pursue their individual goals.

Tam spent his morning at the library, updating the local records of the “Cursed Woods” with an account of the Night Guard’s adventure in the Feral Bosk. He also checked in with Airic to confirm that the magical plague afflicting Sindaleth’s citizens had been cured – Elidyr’s curse was ended. After his morning of research, Tam visited the Home Tree, seeking a moment of rest after the events of the previous week. He told the tree the Night Guard’s story and received advice about where the party should head next – to either Oscus, or Osden.

Alfo went to the local black market and spent his morning getting to know the vendors and perusing their wares; eventually he purchased a Javelin of Lightning.

Manny sought out the nearest Lead to Gold outlet, looking for a transmutation book. However, due to a series of unfortunate accidents, the shopkeeper disappeared under a heap of alchemical supplies and was trapped in the cellar. Enterprising as ever, Manny decided to take over the shop, pretending to be a Lead to Gold employee.

Val tracked down the gravesite of Elidyr’s ancestors to find rare kingsblood flowers, a component of the legendary armor Rhoskan had offered to make for him. In exchange for the flowers he harvested, Val respectfully left a tribute at the grave site. He next headed for the black market, and was pleased to meet Alfo there. Together, they managed to convince a vendor that his wares were not quite so rare as they seemed – and that the price should be reduced accordingly. Val purchased the Manual of Quickness of Action.

“Ah yes, a noble back in Pabshaw had another copy. His name? Hmm… I seem to remember he was called Valerian Redwyne.”

Meanwhile, Manny’s pretense proved successful. His charm won over several skeptical patrons, and despite knowing nothing about the shop’s layout or stock, he made a handy profit.

After Val left the black market behind to seek more legal goods, Alfo approached a weapons vendor he’d met earlier, who had a magnificent magical sword for sale. Alfo offered a shady deal – a favor for the sword. The vendor asked Alfo to hunt down and kill a family of orcs near Oscus in exchange for the sword; Alfo immediately agreed to do so.

Val, having investigated most of the shops of interest, decided to stop by Lead to Gold – and was astonished to see Manny behind the counter. Manny managed to convince Val that he really did have a second job as a shopkeeper. As he was explaining his work, the heap of alchemical supplies on the counter began to collapse! Manny tried to save them from disaster, but slipped and was accidentally exposed to a Potion of Gaseous Form.

Unable to speak in his new cloudy form, Manny endeavored to communicate with Val by pointing at letters on various advertisements and labels. While waiting for Manny to spell out his excuses, Val shamelessly poked around the shop and “acquired” some valuable items. Finally, the potion wore off and Manny condensed into a solid, if unapologetic, mass. Just then, a city guard appeared at the door, demanding to know what had happened. Val and Manny explained that the original shopkeeper had disappeared and that they simply couldn’t find him. The guard marched over to the till and hit the floor release button, freeing the incandescent shopkeeper, who quit on the spot. Manny, being possessed of decent business acumen, instantly claimed the shop for his own.

After making his deal with the black market vendor, Alfo wandered the city searching for a courier for hire. He was overjoyed to run into his old friend, Keth Redblade, whom he met early on in the Night Guard’s adventures. The two spent a pleasant evening drinking and sharing tales. Keth agreed to serve as Alfo’s trusted messenger, and after Alfo handed over a few letters for delivery, they agreed to meet in Osden in a few months’ time.

After their action-packed day, the party was ready to retire for the evening, and met at Manny’s new shop to discuss their plans. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. On the step stood a formidable official who introduced himself as Elesar Glynhorn, Captain of the Gladrathi Royal Core. Despite the late hour, he insisted this business was urgent, and without the party’s cooperation he would arrest them. Elesar and Manny sorted out Manny’s property-rights issue (with Redrick’s help) and the captain soon declared the real reason for his visit: the Night Guard had been implicated in the disappearance of Elidyr Ashebow, and he needed the party’s help in tracking down the missing king.

Leaving Magnolia to guard the shop, the Night Guard led Elesar out into the forest, following their earlier trail. They did not trust him, however, and while Alfo snuck off to track an aberration with Shadow’s help, the rest of the party faded into the darkness, out of Elesar’s reach. Not soon enough, though – as soon as Elesar sensed their betrayal, he turned on them, ordering his hidden allies to attack.

From behind trees and bushes, a dozen armed warriors and casters leapt out at the Night Guard. Spells and arrows flew, and the party quickly realized Elesar’s soldiers were more than a match for them. In the distance, Val heard the marching of the Gladrathi army, but they were too far away to hear his call for help.

Meanwhile, Alfo found the aberration he and Shadow had been tracking and lured it back into the midst of the battle. Elesar’s warriors and the aberration wore each other down while the Night Guard tried to stay out of serious danger. Alfo, refusing to flee, turned and faced the aberration head-on. It lifted him into the air and bit him savagely, but Alfo slew the monster with a fearsome swing of the Axe of Dromar.

Few of Elesar’s allies survived. The dead, including the captain himself, lay scattered amidst smoldering foliage in the aftermath of the battle.

Wounded and battle-weary, the Night Guard had nowhere to run. Not far off, they heard the tramp of hundreds of feet, as the army approached…

Best Line goes to Alfo.
After the party left the Shadow realm and were on their way back to Sindaleth:
Alfo: “Manny, you need healing. Tam, go scout. Val, put your ear to the ground.”
Val: “Why?”
Alfo (genuinely confused): “Because you’re the… leader?”

Honorable Mention to Manny and Val, who realized halfway through Manny’s misadventure that “the real enemy was capitalism the whole time!”

Best RP goes to Manny, for disappearing a shopkeeper, impersonating the shopkeeper, and (mostly) legally acquiring the potion shop.

? – The party leaves through the Shadow gate.
07:00 – The party crosses the lake and returns to Sindaleth.
13:00 – The party spends the afternoon engaged in their own individual agendas. Tam updates notes at the library, Val visits a grave, Manny patronizes the local potion shop, and Alfo explores the black market.
16:00 – Tam goes to see the home tree. Meanwhile, Val and Alfo make some shady deals, and Manny inadvertently takes over the potion shop.
19:00 – Alfo meets his old friend Keth Redblade for drinks. Manny acquires the potion shop.
21:00 – The party regroup at Manny’s new shop and are approached by Elesar Glynhorn, Captain of the Gladrathi Royal Core, who convinces them to follow him into the forest. Alfo tracks an aberration.
23:00 – The Night Guard sense danger and hide. Elesar and his soldiers attack the Night Guard; Alfo and Shadow draw the aberration to the battle. After many losses, the aberration and Elesar’s forces are defeated.
23:30 – Wounded and battle-weary, the Night Guard cannot flee. They await the approaching army.

The Maiden Tree
Spring comes to the Ei'dath Woods

With no safe haven in sight and scant hours left before Kiran became a serious hazard, the Night Guard made a difficult choice. Ruling that the most merciful act would be to kill Kiran before he had to experience lycanthropic transformation, the party put him into the Bag of Holding, where he suffocated. Magnolia, who throughout the whole adventure had repeatedly risked herself to protect Kiran, looked on in stony silence.

The Night Guard continued on through the forest and soon spotted a lantern light in the distance. Following the light brought them to a clearing, fenced with snowbanks around a single large tree, which supported a treehouse-like shelter. As Val stepped forward to investigate, he was blinded by a trap – then the occupant of the treehouse, watching from a window, promptly shot Val.

Alfo and Shadow rushed forward to attack. Immediately they were caught in another trap, and while Shadow managed to scramble free, Alfo was severely wounded. Meanwhile, the figure in the treehouse – recognizable now as the lost King of Sindaleth, Elidyr Ashebow – fired arrow after arrow at the party, injuring both Manny and Magnolia. Seeing no other recourse, Tam called out to the King, hailing him by name and ordering him to stop fighting.

Upon hearing this, Elidyr broke free of his madness and recognized the Night Guard. The King apologized for his traps and arrows, and invited the party into his tree safehouse to rest and recuperate. Elidyr had been isolated in the Feral Bosk for six months, and after a grim encounter with the Pursuer, the Shadowfell had twisted Elidyr’s mind. The King was reluctant to share any more information, though Alfo did gain his trust by sharing a drink with him.

But the quest for the Maiden Tree still lay ahead, and all too soon, the party’s relaxing safehouse break was over. The Night Guard, now accompanied by Elidyr, walked onward, towards the lake at the heart of the forest. As they neared the shore, the party was attacked by yet more ice-beings*and an air elemental. While Alfo and Elidyr were more than a match for their solid enemies, the air elemental posed a grave threat until Manny cast a fireball into it. Shadow took the opportunity to leach the elemental’s soul.

Before the party could collect themselves, they heard the nearby howling of wolves. With just seconds to spare, the Night Guard and their allies ducked into the shelter of Val’s magic, as a pack of werewolves and winter wolves charged up to surround them. The party made a plan to tackle these new enemies one by one, and Alfo and Elidyr prepared to leap out into battle.

Suddenly, the Pursuer appeared in the distance, steadily approaching the party. Alfo and Elidyr fearlessly traded blows with the werewolves and winter wolves, while Tam raised a wall of fire in the Pursuer’s path. Undaunted, the Pursuer tossed huge ice blocks towards the party, hemming them in. Alfo and Elidyr finished off their foes, though the King nearly succumbed to a werewolf’s bite, surviving due to Val’s inspiring words. Finally, Manny aimed a fireball at the Pursuer, obliterating him and granting the Night Guard a precious moment’s respite.

With no time to lose, the party advanced towards the lake. Elidyr admitted that the Night Guard had exceeded his expectations and earned his trust; there was no longer any reason for him to hide the truth. He revealed to the party that the Pursuer was not a person, but an idea: the embodiment of the endless hunt, Alfo’s greatest fear. The Pursuer was sent by the Ice Maiden, the ruler of the Feral Bosk and Elidyr’s betrothed. Long ago, Elidyr traded fates with someone else, and had sought to escape his fate ever since. But his evasion had a price: the shadow-plague in Sindaleth. Now Elidyr, aided by the Night Guard, was ready to seek out the Maiden and fulfill his fate.

The party reached the lake and walked out over its frozen surface, to the magnificent Maiden Tree, then descended the tree’s spiral stair. Deep within the heart of the tree waited the cool, impassive Maiden of Ice. As the party approached her, the Maiden had words only for Elidyr.

“Are you ready to fulfil your promise?”

Elidyr ran to meet her, and as the two were reunited the Maiden transformed into a dryad, vibrant and lovely. The Maiden Tree changed with her, growing light and warm as the realm’s cruelty and bitterness drained away. The Maiden – now the Maiden of the Lake – thanked the Night Guard for their assistance, and commended Alfo’s bravery in facing his worst fears. Upon accepting his fate – to face the darkness and drive it back – Alfo was freed of his paranoia and insanity, and named the new warden of the Ei’dath Woods.

“Fate is not something you can flee. And it’s not something you should want to flee.”

The Maiden used her extraordinary healing power to cure Alfo and Elidyr of their curses, and even revived Kiran and cured him of lycanthropy. She granted boons to the entire party, giving them her blessing to help them in the many trials that surely lay ahead. To Manny she gave her dagger of ice, to Val a cloak of protection, to Tam wisdom and reassurance, and to Alfo a blessing for his trident, by which he could remember his courageous deeds in setting right the balance of the realm. With their hearts lightened by these gifts, the party prepared to leave the Tree. Elidyr remained behind, King of Winter and Spring in his new home.

As the party stepped through the Shadow gate, Alfo looked back upon memories from his past: a scene of slaughter, in which Alfo’s family members were killed by an aberration. In Alfo’s memory, he was rescued from the aberration by his mother, a noble warrior – but looking back upon the memory, Alfo realized the figure that had saved him was his goddess, Ulaa.

“One day it will be your duty to fight these creatures… Until then, I promise to protect you.”

The party passed through the gate, and the vision faded, along with the darkness over the Ei’dath woods. The Night Guard stood now looking over the calm, clear surface of a spring lake.

In the distance, in the heart of Sindaleth, the party could see the Home Tree – and for the first time in memory, the tree was in bloom.

Best Line goes to Val.
Upon meeting the King of the Elves: “Guys, there’s definitely a chance he’s a lycanthrope.”

Honorable Mention to Manny, who eloquently answered a question with “You know, the thing, the uh… the thing!”

Best RP goes to Tam, for making the Persuasion check of a lifetime (with an assist from Val, of course) to snap King Elidyr Ashebow out of Shadowfell-imposed madness.

? – The party murders Kiran Poole.
? – The party encounters King Elidyr Ashebow in his hideout (a perilous encounter).
? – The King gives the party shelter and healing in his tree fort.
[Long Rest]
? – The party and Elidyr set off towards the Lake, but are attacked by hobgoblins and an air elemental. These are quickly defeated.
? – Afterwards, the party is almost immediately set upon by winter wolves and werewolves. To add to the trouble, the Pursuer appears. The Night Guard’s victory is narrow this time.
? – The party reaches the Lake and Elidyr reveals the truth of his fate.
? – The party enters the Tree and confronts the Maiden. She is reunited with Elidyr, and the icy Shadow realm is transformed into a place of healing and light.
? – The Maiden of the Lake bestows gifts upon the Night Guard, and restores Kiran’s life.
? – The Night Guard leaves the Maiden Tree.
In the distance, the party sees the Home Tree – and for the first time in memory, the tree is in bloom.

*For lack of a better term. Ordinary humanoids, transformed into servants of the Feral Bosk when their hearts were replaced with shards of ice.

Snow Moon
Lost in the Feral Bosk

As the menacing figure of Alfo’s double, the Pursuer, advanced on the Night Guard, their attempts to drive him off seemed futile. Fire did not harm the Pursuer, nor did arrows. Looking closely, Val realized that the Pursuer was actually on the Ethereal Plane, hence his invincibility. But the ice shard lodged in place of the Pursuer’s heart was not ethereal – and Val shot it, proving the menace could be hit and damaged.

Shadow convinced the party that they could not fight something as powerful as the Pursuer, and the group turned to flee. The Pursuer created an ice wall to hinder their progress, but the party ducked around it and kept running. Then the Pursuer – seeming to exercise no ordinary magic, rather a deep control over the realm itself – appeared atop the ice wall, gaining high ground on the party. Alfo (Alfalfa?) fired a staggering shot at his double’s icy heart, and Manny vaporized the ice wall with a fireball before the Pursuer could take action. When the steam cleared, the Pursuer was gone, leaving only the shard of ice behind.

After shaking off the Pursuer, the party took a moment to rest and discuss important news from their home plane and histories. A note from Rhoskan informed the party that if they could gather the supplies for legendary weapons and articles, Rhoskan might be able to craft these items in the future. Val read a letter from his informant Adder Goldcrest, who warned Val that an assassin, sent by the warmongering Emperor Galleon himself, was on the Night Guard’s trail, for reasons unknown. Alfo relayed some historical knowledge about the emperor – most importantly, that Galleon is cursed by both dwarves and elves, and his bloodline cursed to end with him.

Manny confided some of the story of his (distant) past to the party, told them he’d recently discovered his sister’s position of power as a dangerous empress, and requested the Night Guard’s help in dealing with the issue. Manny also took the time to ask a few questions to Oghma, gaining useful information:

Is the starry being depicted in the mural in the Tila Crypt from the inner planes? No.
Regarding the Maiden who tended Rillifane, is there only one? No.

Perhaps the most pressing news was from Tam, who realized almost too late that Kiran Poole’s symptoms – disturbing nightmares and scars from a boar attack – indicated Kiran suffered from the curse of lycanthropy. While unconscious due to knockout drugs, Kiran posed no risk to the party – but in the vast, moonlit bosk, Kiran’s supply of sleeping potions was rapidly dwindling. While Tam searched for solutions, Val, Alfo and Manny took bets on whether a transformed Kiran would be small or large.

As they continued through the snowy woodland, the Night Guard noticed a campfire ahead. Val and Shadow scouted the scene and discovered two ice trolls and their winter wolf companion discussing a shrine further down the path. The party snuck ahead to the shrine, and after deciphering the primitive runes engraved on its surface, they sacrificed some weapons and rations to it. In return the ancient magic there bestowed Aid upon the party and reassured them that their current search for the Maiden was a good course of action.

The Night Guard pressed onward, deeper into the forest, but almost immediately they were attacked by other denizens of the Bosk. Much like the Pursuer, these enemies resembled ordinary people with chips of ice lodged in place of their hearts. The battle was swift but fierce, and the icy warriors of the Shadow realm were vanquished, weak to fire and Windsinger’s blade. Tam examined the bodies and discerned that their hearts had been surgically removed, cut out and replaced with ice. This was no necromancy, but the cold, cruel work of the Feral Bosk itself.

Seeking direction, Alfo climbed a tree to try and see where the center of the Bosk lay. Instead, he saw a massive blizzard roaring towards the party. Just in time, Val created a magical shelter and the party resolved to wait out the storm, using their time for crafting, alchemy work, and rest.

Yet peace was not to be theirs. After several hours had passed, the Night Guard prepared to embark again into the forest, but the Pursuer had caught up to them again. This time, the Pursuer used his control over the realm to hurl massive blocks of ice at the party members. Scrambling to defend themselves against their powerful enemy, the party rushed into the woods, narrowly escaping with their lives.

The Night Guard quickly realized the Pursuer had run them into a trap. As they fled the deeper woods, the full force of the blizzard struck them, and the party became separated. Hours passed before the party members could find each other. After hours of struggling to survive in the freezing wilderness, they were exhausted (except Alfo, whose ranger training kept him and Shadow safe through the storm).

Weary, lost, and chilled to the bone, the party had no option but to rest, and try to recuperate before continuing their search for the Maiden. But the sleeping potions had run out, and Kiran was mere hours from waking. Huddled together under the shelter of Val’s magic, the party struggled to decide what to do next.

The endless night wore on…

Best Line goes to Val, who watched Manny firebolt an ally in the back and exclaimed, “Well, Magnolia, after what Manny just did, you’re the best snerson** I know!”

Honorable mention to Manny, who after barely surviving the blizzard used the excuse “We sneople** are not meant for this weather!”

Best RP goes to both Val, for risking himself to save Kiran’s life, and Manny, for confiding in the party some of the secrets of his mysterious history.

? – The party escapes the Pursuer.
? – The party discusses non-Shadowfell news while walking.*
? – After eavesdropping on some locals, the party visits an ancient shrine.
? – The party is attacked by more icy servants of the realm.
? – A blizzard envelops the party and they lose direction.
? – The Pursuer catches up to the party and attacks.
? – The party escapes, only to run straight into the blizzard, suffering cold and fatigue.
? – The endless night wears on…

*Conversations have been condensed and moved to preserve continuity.

**Snerson (snake person), sneople (snake people) – in reference to Yuan-Ti.

The Journey to Sindaleth
Woodland Wanderings

The Night Guard prepared to embark for Sindaleth and welcomed two new traveling companions: Magnolia, who would serve as a bodyguard, and Kiran, a Ranger and cartographer. The party decided to avoid the Underdark route and the river route, choosing instead to travel overland to their destination. After loading up their gear and buying some horses to travel with (including Val’s new best friend Moxy), the Night Guard set off.

Soon they passed by the now-familiar town of Elder Vale, and took the opportunity to sell some of their found treasures and buy new supplies, including some powerful poisons and positoxin. Most notably, Val managed to convince the proprietor of the potion shop to trade a mundane robe for incredibly valuable Golden Ice poison. Alfo, meanwhile, enjoyed the day of shopping immensely, particularly since the rest of the party bought him gifts to help cheer him up. Kiran slyly (but not slyly enough to avoid notice) spent some of his earnings on knockout drugs and hallucinogens, ostensibly for recreational use.

Back on the road again, the Night Guard enjoyed ten days of fairly uneventful travel before trouble appeared near the Ashewood. The party came across an ogre named Krog jealously guarding a stolen owlbear egg. Just as they managed to convince Krog they meant no harm, the egg’s mother appeared and furiously attacked. In the ensuing battle, both Krog and the owlbear mother were killed, and Manny set the forest on fire. The party raced to construct a firebreak and luckily succeeded; before leaving, Alfo adopted the owlbear egg at Shadow’s behest, hoping that the imprinted owlbear chick could make a formidable ally to the Night Guard.

The party assumed that would be the end of the owlbear problem, but six nights later they were awakened by the cry of “Danger!” from Val’s Dagger of Warning. Just outside the party’s sleeping dome, a huge male owlbear snarled and paced, swiping at the dome in rage. Tam ascertained that the owlbear might be placated if the egg were returned to him. Once this was done, the owlbear took his egg back, and with a last parting glare, disappeared into the forest.

The rest of the journey passed without incident, and soon the Night Guard arrived in Sindaleth. But the city was very different than they remembered. The streets were quiet and the population subdued; everywhere they looked, the party could see sick people, all marked with Alfo’s runes. The plague was clearly virulent, and to stop its spread the victims had been cut off from the rest of the population.

Amid the sick walked a druid of the Circle of the Land, Airic, distributing supplies and food. Airic told the party that the magical plague had first struck about fifteen years ago, was spread by touch, and was almost invariably fatal. The King himself was affected by the plague, but recovered – as had Airic – due to a strong connection to magic. After his recovery, the King went on a quest to seek the Maiden of the Woods and her supernatural powers to cure the plague, but years passed and he did not return. While many others had sought the king, none found him, and in his absence the plague continued to spread. Airic told the Night Guard that the Maiden was merely a myth, and the King’s foolishness likely cost him his life. Throughout Airic’s tale, Alfo slowly came to the devastating realization that the mark was his fault.

Tam and Alfo gained entry to the Wildwood Assembly’s library to search for clues about the Maiden of the Woods, the plague, and the forest north of Sindaleth in general. The only book referencing the Maiden was a children’s storybook, describing her as a powerful dryad who lived in the Home Tree and protected Rillifane. More information was available about the nearby woods, though; named the Cursed Woods, the area was rumored to be populated by lycanthropes and winter wolves, and rife with natural hazards such as freezing temperatures, deep snowbanks, and blizzards.

Meanwhile, Val and Manny put on a benefit concert to raise money for victims of the plague and to entertain the sick children. With drama and flair, the duo told an embellished (and tastefully altered) tale of the Battle of Glutton’s Teeth. They raised 130 silver, but more importantly, the children loved the show (although, due to the dark magic of their plague, they couldn’t get close enough to Windsinger to touch it when Val showed it off.)

After these preparations the Night Guard and their companions set off into the forest, to seek the King of the Elves. As they walked, the air began to chill – far beyond the ordinary cold of winter – and the forest loomed dark around them. Worst of all, the crescent moon had changed as well, rising now as a full moon to light their path. The woods echoed with the distant cries of wolves, and the party realized they had again stepped into a Shadow realm, and into grave danger.

In the distance the party could see a solitary figure trudging inexorably towards them. The figure raised its axe in an ominous gesture, calling out, “FOR THE MAIDEN.”

Hair and beard shot through with ice, and wearing the skin of Shadow of the Trees draped over his shoulders, this new enemy could only be Alfo…

Best Line goes to Alfo, and there were too many excellent lines to list (most having to do with Alfo’s new pseudonym, Alfalfa.)

Best RP goes to Alfo/Alfalfa, for creative problem-solving: adopting a secret identity to remain unknown in Sindaleth.

Day 1 – The party embarks for Sindaleth.
Day 6 – The party enjoys a brief break from travel in Elder Vale.
Day 16 – The party battles an ogre and an owlbear, and adopts an owlbear egg.
Day 22 – The party returns the egg to its remaining parent.
Day 30 – The party arrives in Sindaleth.
[Subsequent timekeeping loss due to Shadow realm entry]


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