Ten years…

Ten years have passed since The Shaking of Mythweald and the heroic actions of The Night Guard saved our world from destruction. Their tales will enter the annals of history as the greatest and most epic acts of heroism, but Mythweald does not have time to linger, we must rebuild.

Far to the north The Dominion of Nilve Thalor have opened their gates to all manner of travelers. People from the continent over flock to the city of mages in pursuit of secrets, answers, adventure and political connections.

To the far south Nubixis fights an unknown foe, people have begun travelling to the new city of Teoshi, named after a mystical and mysterious, now dead, prince. Its people have yet to understand just how uncertain their future may be.

The west coast fairs even worse. Tales of missing merchants from Pabshaw Port result in a group of adventurers investigating the disappearance of Saint Holden. What they’ve discovered could represent a break within Astral Law.

Yet Mythweald continues, and its people rebuild. They do so with pride, and love for the land. Grey Castle leads these efforts, in no small part funded by Dragomir and his Husband while Emberhearth continues to reform their politics and borders.

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